Gaston County Jamboree

Gaston County will have their first ever county jamboree today at 5:00 pm. This was inspired by the success of other counties' jamborees, Cleveland, Rutherford, etc.

It will include four Gaston County teams and four outside teams. The teams involved will be Ashbrook, Forestview, Hunter Huss, Kings Mountain, Lincolnton, Olympic, Concord Robinson and Charlotte Catholic.

The Jamboree will be done the same way as the Cleveland County Jamboree. The games will be played like regular games. There will be four games which will be played one after another. Each will consist of two thirty-minute halves. The schedule goes as follows:

Kings Mountain vs. Olympic – 5pm
Forestview vs. Lincolnton – 6pm
Ashbrook vs. Charlotte Catholic – 7pm
Hunter Huss vs. Concord Robinson – 8pm

The Jamboree will be held at Hunter Huss. There is also speculation that this event will grow into a 16-team event next year which will likely include all eight of Gaston County's public schools and eight opponents.

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