Barnett vs. Spikes

Tomorrow night's game between the Gastonia Forestview Jaguars and the Shelby Crest Chargers should be a classic. The game will feature the Big South Conference's top offensive player versus the conference's top defensive player.

Forestview's quarterback Barnett has led his team to over 30 points in three of his four games and was held to 13 in one of them. Crest's top linebacker Brandon Spikes has helped his team hold four out of five of opponents to 14 points or less and only gave up 21 points in one of those games.

This game will be a must-see for fans of each team and one for recruiters to observe. With Forestview averaging 29 points a game and Crest giving up 14, something will have to give in this game.

On the other hand, Crest's offense and Forestview's defense have struggled. Crest's offense is used to scoring an average of 40 points a game, but they have only mustered an average of 21. Forestview's defense, who has held opponents to an average of 21 points last season has given up 34.

Those two factors have played a big role in their seasons. Forestview is at a 2-2 record and is coming off a rebounding 32-31 win at Burns, while Crest is at a surprising 2-3 start coming off their first conference loss in 33 games to Ashbrook 13-12.

Forestview's defense will be led by defensive lineman Brent Hyde, linebackers Terrell Harris and Adrian Vaccaro. Crest's offense will be led by quarterback Jordan Robinson, tailbacks Brandon Miller and Tosh Toms.

The game will kick off at 7:30 at Forestview.

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