Community Captain Nominee: Reid Phillips

The most notable statistic Reid Phillips holds wasn't created on the football field; it was scored in the classroom where the Charlotte (N.C.) Myers Park kicker maintains a shocking 5.25 grade point average.

"With the IB [International Baccalaureate] Diploma Program, because the course load is so vigorous you get two additional quality points," said Phillips. "So instead of being on the normal four-point scale, you get graded on a six-point scale.

"Last year as a junior in high school, I was doing junior level work in college. It's an international program that's universal so even if I were to study abroad, it would follow me."

Phillips' amazing off-the-field accomplishments doesn't stop there. He is the founder and president of the "Cleats for Kids" program, which collects gently worn cleats, cleans them up, and distributes them through the Police Athletic League.

"We started it last year and it's pretty much in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area," explained Phillips. "We had a huge drive this last spring and got over a hundred pairs of soccer cleats."

It's no wonder that Phillips has been selected as a nominee for the "Carolina Panthers Community Captains" program.

"For me, I sort of base my entire life around athletics and academics and being very involved in the community – whether it's through my ‘Cleats for Kids' program or mission work through my church," said Phillips. "So, for me, [being selected as a Community Captain] would be a great honor.

"My family has always held that same kind of belief – being actively involved in all that. So they'd be proud."

His family – his parents more specifically – have been Phillips' biggest influence.

"I'd say I really look up to my dad and my mom," said Phillips. "They do so much work for me and help me stay organized and get me prepared for various things."

As expected, Phillips is receiving college interest from some of the most elite academic programs in the nation.

"I've had a wide range of schools contact me," said Phillips. "It runs from very good academic wise schools – Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Duke –and then a couple of big schools – Michigan, [North] Carolina, South Carolina.

"I'm just looking for the one that's going to be able to suit me academically and athletically."

The "Carolina Panthers Community Captains" program will honor outstanding student-athletes that have exhibited outstanding leadership on the football field, in the classroom and in their communities. The first Community Captain will be announced on September 10th.

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