COW: Dickie Schock

Dickie Schock was hired as the head football coach at Orange (Hillsborough, NC) High School in July of 2007. He was the team's third coach that year and came into a program with broken down equipment, a barely usable field, a locker room with no electricity, frustrated parents, down trodden fans, and an impossible budget. Orange High School had not had a winning season since 1992.

Even with all of this, Schock was eager to get started because, in his eyes, he saw a group of young men and a coaching staff that was full of potential. He started off by using what he could out of the budget to refurbish decade old helmets and shoulder pads; even using his own money to help the build the program. He even spent his own money to ensure that all of his players had things like cleats and mouth guards. To help raise additional money, Schock has started up multiple fundraising efforts.

Schock is also trying to find ways to get the community involved with the team. He has taken a popular Carolina Panthers program, "Football Mom 101", and created his own unique version for the moms of Hillside community football players. All moms in the community who have children that play football are able to interact with the high school football coaches and players to learn about football terminology, positions, rules, equipment, etc.

"Coach Schock has turned this team and this community around," said Orange High School athletic director Earnie Price. "The fans have been revitalized and the stands are packed for home games. Also, there is electricity in the locker room, literally and figuratively! However, the biggest impact that Coach Schock has had is on the players. They are motivated to keep their grades up and stay in school."

Schock also enrolls all student-athletes at Orange High School in the College Bound Athlete Seminar. The program is designed for 9th and 10th grade student-athletes and provides insight as to how students need to prepare themselves academically for college, as well as providing important steps they need to be aware of should they plan to participate in collegiate varsity athletics.

Each week, Schock and the Orange High School coaches display a character trait in the locker room that they would like their players to show on a daily basis. The program is designed to inspire the Orange players to become leaders on the football field, in the classroom and in the community.

"The players are working hard and we have a great chance of having the first winning season here since 1992," said Schock. "A winning season would be great for the players and this community."

Schock was born in Boonville, NC where he went to Starmount High School. After graduating high school he received a degree in English from Appalachian State. He is currently married with two children. Along with coaching football at Orange High School, Schock also coaches the track team and teaches physical education and weight training.

In recognition of Schock's achievement, the Orange High School Athletic Department will receive a $1,000 donation from the Carolina Panthers and the National Football League. During the 2008 season, the Panthers will select 10 High School Coach of the Week winners, who will all be honored during an on-field presentation at the Panthers home game versus the Denver Broncos on December 14. At that time, the 2008 Carolina Panthers High School Coach of the Year will be announced, and the winning coach will receive an additional $1,000 donation to his school's athletic department.

The Carolina Panthers High School Coach of the Week program recognizes high school coaches who, through their hard work and dedication to young people, have made a difference in the lives of their players, school and community, and provides high schools with financial assistance to help maintain and upgrade their football programs.

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