CoW: Paul Hoggard

Coach Paul Hoggard is currently in his second season as the head football coach at Richmond Senior High School in Rockingham, North Carolina. Prior to becoming head coach, Hoggard served as an assistant coach for the Raider football program for ten years.

During Hoggard's tenure as assistant coach, the Raiders captured two 4A state championships and ten conference championships. In Hoggard's first season as head coach, he led the Raiders to an undefeated regular season with a 13-1 record and was named 2007 Mid-Southeastern Coach of the Year.

Although the Richmond football program is known for its "great tradition and success," accumulating numerous wins and titles, it has also seen its share of rainy days. In 2008, during Coach Hoggard's second season as head coach, the Raiders were faced with a 4-3 record, something that was unfamiliar to the heralded program. When Hoggard could have easily given up and become discouraged in the face of much criticism and dissention, he did not back down. Like the offensive line pushing in the trenches to get the first down, Hoggard kept pushing himself and his team until a break of light could be seen through the clouds. "To accept the head football job here is to accept added pressure and very high expectations. Coach Hoggard was able to keep the team believing in their abilities and continue to strive forward," said Raider's athletic director Hal Shuler.

Not only did the Raiders pick themselves up, but they kept pushing until they captured the 2008 4AA state championship. The Raiders finished off an initially questionable season with a final record of 12-3-1. In July of 2009, Hoggard was selected to represent North Carolina at the NFL Youth Football Summit in Canton, Ohio, a prestigious program created to recognize dedicated coaches and to teach them new and innovative ideas and techniques.

Not only is Hoggard concerned with winning games, but he is also focused on winning people over through his faith. As a leader at Freedom Baptist Church and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Hoggard takes the time to share words of faith and motivation at youth rallies. "The youth respect Coach Paul and I'm sure those challenging words are planted like good seeds into the minds of the youth," said Jay Denham, member of Freedom Baptist Church.

In recognition of Hoggard, Carolina Panthers Charities will donate $1,000 to Richmond Senior High School's athletic department. All of this year's winners will be honored with an on-field presentation during the Panthers home game versus the New Orleans Saints on January 3, 2010. At that time, the 2009 Coach of the Year will be announced and the winning coach will receive an additional $2,000 grant for his school's athletic department.

The Carolina Panthers High School Coach of the Week program recognizes high school coaches who, through their hard work and dedication to young people, have made a difference in the lives of their players, school and community and provides high schools with financial assistance to help maintain and upgrade their football programs.

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