The Buckeye state has more than a few top notch QBs this season. Names like Brian Hoyer, Anthony Turner and Darryl Clark seem to be the most popular. While most are familiar with those three, one name you might not have heard is Kyle Decker of Granville, OH.

Decker, a 6'3 175 pound senior-to-be, threw for over 1,800 yards last season while leading the Granville Blue Aces to a 7-3 record. He also rushed for over 550 yards. Kyle is working hard in the off-season and hopes to be up around 200 pounds by this fall. He's got the frame to put on another 25-30 pounds. He has good mobility and nice composure in the pocket. He's blessed with a strong and accurate arm, but has a tendency to sling the ball (similar to David Carr - Kyle has been doing some of the same ladder drills as Carr did after being drafted). recently interviewed Kyle, here are the results:

Name: Kyle Decker

School: Granville

Position: QB

Height: 6'3

Weight: 175 Pounds

40 Time: 4.65 - 4.7

Head Coach: Mike Hensely


Which schools have contacted you?

At this time the main schools that have contacted me are Illinois, Kentucky, Toledo, Western Michigan, and Air Force. I have received information from several other schools but the most interest is with the schools that I have listed above.

Who are you Top 5 schools and how is the recruiting process going?

The recruiting process has really just began for me but at this time I would list the following schools as the 5 that I am most interested in at this time as Illinois, Kentucky, Western Michigan, Toledo, and Air Force.

Where are you camping this summer?

I plan on camping at Illinois, Ohio State, Kentucky, Toledo, Akron and one of the Nike camps.

What is the strong point of your game?

My strong points are throwing accuracy and ability to make plays when needed, both through the air and on the ground. I also have a strong desire to win.

What points of your game are you trying to improve?

The main areas that I am working toward improvement on are strength and decision making.

What is your most memorable moment from last year?

The most memorable moment was this year after our team started out 0-3 and turning it around and going 7-0, winning the Mid-State League Championship. We clinched the title with a double overtime win.

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies are playing basketball and Playstation 2 with friends.

Who are your favorite players?

Dan Marino is my favorite football player. Dan's sister and family lived across the street from us in Pittsburgh. I was able to meet Dan and received one of his personal practice videos that was taped when he attended the University of Pittsburgh. I would like to be great like Dan Marino. The way he led his team on the field and his playmaking abilities were amazing.

The other is Josh Miller, the current Pittsburgh Steelers punter. He lived in our neighborhood and was another real close friend of mine who helped me not only with football but also with other things in life. There were times when Josh would provide me the inside "scoop" on the Steelers. Josh also had the ability to make big plays for the Steelers when called upon.

Who are your biggest role models?

My biggest role model has been my family. My Mom and Dad for their overall guidance and support, my older brother for providing positive encouragement and telling me how to improve my game. He is there for me during both the good times and the bad times.

What are some of your goals for next year?

My goal for next season is to be a strong leader on the team and to lead the team to the playoffs.

We would like to thanks Kyle and his father (Michael) for their time. Best of luck to you in the upcoming season Kyle.

OhioPrepScene will stay in touch with Kyle during the next year and see how recruiting and his senior season turnout.

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