Trotwood-Madison was a program left for dead. That all changed when a former NFL and Trotwood grad returned and saved the program. While many had given up on Trotwood-Madison, Maurice Douglass remebered a time gone by when they were a feared program. A sleeping GIANT has been awaken. One of the reasons this program is back from the dead is due to players like the one in our profile.

 Zach Logan loves Football.  But he's won a 400-meter State Championship and runs a 4.39- 40.  College track coaches are telling you to give up Football.  One problem, you love to do both.  What do you do?

Well if your Zach Logan you tell all of the coaches from both sports you want both.  Logan who stands 6'1" and weights in at 175lbs is a speed merchant who loves to lay down the big hit.  On top of that you carry a 3.34 GPA.

In today's world of college football the one thing all schools are looking for is SPEED!!! Look no more becasue Zach has plenty to burn.  While track coaches have been telling him to give up football, Zach has dreams of doing both and we feel he will find the school that will let him.

Zach spoke with OhioPrepScene about what schools he is giving a hard look at. 

Zach:  "Right now I'm looking at Tennessee, Florida, LSU, Texas and South Carolina.  I'm looking at doing both sports at all of these schools.  Some of the track coaches are telling me to pick track over football,  but I love football".

In talking with Zach he told us that he will go to the Nike Camp in Michigan later this month.  But due to track he will not be able to take in many spring games.  Zach is looking at several camps this summer.  Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State are just a few who will get a first hand look at this player we feel has been overlooked by some experts.

We asked Zach what he is looking for in a school.

Zach:  "I want a school with a strong academics program and one that has a very good graduation rate with student athletes.  I want a school that has a chance to win its conference.  And a school with a great social atmosphere".

While Zach has played both wide receiver and free safety, we feel he will end up as free safety.  But you never know.  With his height and speed he could find the coaches on the football team fighting for his service as well.


Zach Logan of Trotwood-Madison prevented the Warriors from distancing themselves even farther from the boys field. He let up with about 50 meters remaining in winning the sprint medley with a 400 anchor split of 50.0. He also anchored the winning 1,600 relay in 50.0. The Rams (3:34.6) and Warriors (3:34.7) each won their 1,600 relay heats.

"I feel I could have got 48-something if I hadn't shut it down (in the sprint medley)," said Logan, the defending state 400 champ. "The last 50, I looked back and I saw a big distance, so I said, ‘OK, that's it.' "

Logan, a junior, also had a 21.8 leg of the third-place 800 relay.

We would like to thank Zach and Coach Douglass for his help with the Trotwood-Madison program.  Zach is only the start of several Rams you will be hearing about at

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