One of the lesser known linebackers in the state is from Fairborn High School. While many who cover recruiting have not talked much about this young man, we know several colleges have been looking.

OhioPrepScene had a chance to speak with Clayton Mullins about were his travles will lead him in June. Clayton also gave us some information about his 40 time and about leaving high school early to start his college playing days.

OHPS: Have you picked any schools to camp at this summer?

Clayton: At this time I have set in stone the following schools. June 1st. I will be at Ohio University, June 8th at Akron, June 15th Cincinnati, June 16th Indiana, June 17-18th Michigan, June 22nd Pittsburgh, June 25th Ohio State, June 26-27th Northwestern and on June 29th Kent State. I will be going to most of these with my teammate O.J. McDuffy.

OHPS: How has your workouts this spring been?

Clayton: They have gone very well. I had some health problems and had to miss about 2 weeks, but I'm back and better than ever. I just got timed in the 40 the other day and hit 4.52. I really want to get my time down a little more.

OHPS: How busy have you been on the phone this month?

Clayton: Very busy, it seems every night a different coach calls and my coach tells me he gets phone calls all the time. He also told me many coaches have been in and talked with him about me.

OHPS: What are you looking for in a school?

Clayton: I'm looking for one that if I can't play football I still would want to be there.

OHPS: Has anything new come up?

Clayton: The thing I looking at now is to graduate early. I can leave at the start of 2004 and get in the weight program and spring practice early.

OHPS: Any offers at this time?

Clayton: No soild offers at this time. Most of the coaches have told me that I should expect an offer when I come to camps in June. So I feel from what they have told me some will be giving me an offer then.

We would like to thank Clayton for his time. And will be giving you more information as Clayton heads off to the many schools this June.

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