Looking closer at a Knight. A Alter Knight that is. Will a D1 college take a chance on a high academic player that's a little undersized. We feel this may be one they look at.

What do colleges look for in a player? That is a question only they can answer, and each one that you speak with gives a different one. That's what were seeing with our next young man. Colleges are going to have a hard choice to make.

Playing on the Offensive Line is one of the hardest things a football player can do. It is grunt work and the chance of injury rises with every snap. Young men with 260-300 pound bodies are not made for this. But this is what makes the game so special and top unsung linemen are gifts for every team.

Chris Vermillion plays the line for Coach Ed Domsitz at Kettering Alter. He's done such great job that honors such as 1st team All-GCL and 2nd team All-Southwest Ohio D4 have been bestowed upon him. So what could make a college stop and second guess giving this young man a scholarship? Its easy to see that Chris has taken care of the academic side, he carries a 3.8 GPA and has scored a 30 on the ACT and 1360 on the SAT. What will stop many college programs from giving this great young man an offer is his height.

While the academic side is taken care of the physical side is what many programs look at. Chris stands only 6'1 - 6'2 and weighs 260lbs. He has decent speed in the forty with a 5.2 time and can bench 375lbs and squat 500lbs. While most college programs would stop when they see this type of height they know its hard to find a young man with such great academics so they are looking.

In speaking with Chris we found that many programs have taken interest. Programs like Oregon, Indiana, Northwestern, Maryland, Miami of Ohio and Ohio University are D1 programs with interest. He also informed us that programs like Dartmouth, Cornell and Princeton are staying in contact.

Chris projects to play guard or center at the next level. What is he looking for in a school? Chris told OhioPrepScene " I'm looking to stay close to home so my family can see me play. I want to be a surgeon and schools with programs to help me get in Medical school is something I'm really looking hard at."

This summer Chris will be camping at Michigan and Northwestern and be at one day camps for Indiana and Ohio University. OhioPrepScene will be keeping in contact with Chris and his recruiting to see what great school gets his services.

We would like to thank Chris for his time and information. Getting more information starts with you. Contact OhioPrepScene and let know about yourself.

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