You have just won your second straight baseball title and things are going well. You AD calls and informs you that they no longer want your services. What has gone wrong. Only the school and the AD know for sure.

Just two weeks after winning a second straight baseball title Scott Burkholder the head coach of Newark Catholic is looking for a job. In a move that has many across the state asking why. The coach made some statements to The Plain Dealer about why he's been let go.

In two years Coach Burkholder and his team were 54-11. This along with back-to-back state titles would make any coach feel secured in a job. That is not the case at Newark Catholic. In statements made to the Cleveland Plain Dealer the coach said that the decision to remove him had little to do with his teams on field performance. The schools Athletic Director told the coach he wasn't right for the team or the community. The coach went on to say "What I interpreted that to mean was that I am not from there. I am kind of an outsider and without saying it, that I am not a Catholic." The coach went on and stated, "I am not a Newark Catholic grad and I wasn't hired by the current athletic director.

Only the AD and school know why such a move was made, but does the coaches comments have merit. Should a coach who is doing the right things on the field be let go because of religion? Or has the coach over stepped his duties and left the school without a choice.

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Source for this story was the Cleveland Plain Dealer

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