Three for one is what I got with one phone call. In calling to speak with Ty Hall, I found Tom Anevski and Nick Larkin and Ty just finishing a workout and watching some summer league basketball. All three are headed to a college that is recruiting Ohio hard.

Every year Boston College raids Ohio for football talent. The Eagles have made a impression in the Cincinnati area as well as the Buckeye State in finding top talent.

This year was no different as BC picked up Ty Hall of Anderson High School, Tom Anevski of Elder, Nick Larkin of St. Xavier, DeJuan Tribble of North College Hill and Kevin Sheridan of Cleveland St. Ignatius High School. They will join fellow Ohio products Leo Bell - Moeller, Ricky Brown - Elder, Paul Cook - Berea, Chris Miller - Upper Arlington, Pat Ross - St. Xavier and Al Washington - Bishop Watterson. They carry on a tradition of Ohio players making a name for themselves out of the state. One of the best know BC players in recent years hailed from Ohio. Chris Hovan is well known for his painted face and hard play for the Vikings, Chris got his start in Ohio as well.

One only has to look at BC Head Coach Tom O'Brien for the reason Ohio is a state recruited hard by the Eagles. O'Brien comes from Cincinnati and St. Xavier High School. In 1987 O'Brien was inducted into the St. Xavier Athletic Hall of Fame. Coach O'Brien has never forgotten about the football played in Ohio and his teams always play a hard nose style seen across the state on Friday nights.

In talking with Ty Hall we had a few questions about BC and how recruiting was like.

OHPS: What was the hardest part in recruiting?

TY: Trying to figure out who was being honest was the hardest part. Then trying to put aside all the great people I had the chance to know during recruiting. All of the coaches were great people and very nice to me and that made it hard to chose a school.

OHPS: Why Boston College?

TY: I was never serious about BC. They were the first to offer me and I really didn't look to hard. But since they were my first offer and I liked the information they were sending me, I felt a visit was in order. Once I went there I just felt it was the right place for me. I love the school, the city of Boston and they also have a great academic program.

OHPS: You have some ex teammates who are getting recruited this year. Have you had a chance to help them with the recruiting process?

TY: They haven't really come for my advice. But your right about the talent at Anderson. Brandon Wamsley, Kurt Shoemaker, Matt Mullenax and Rob Schirmann are all great players and will play college ball. I'm closer to Kurt and we talk about recruiting. Kurt is going to be a great QB. All he has to do is have more confidence in what he's doing. Schirmann is becoming a beast, he's working hard in the weight room and its paying off. He's going to make someone a great O-lineman.

OHPS: What do you think about what has happened with the ACC/Big East changes?

TY: It stinks! I can't say what I really would like too, but I was looking forward to playing Miami and Virginia Tech. It hurts the Big East a lot but the teams left are very good and I'm sure new teams will be coming in to make the Big East strong again.

OHPS: Did your coach help in the recruiting process?

TY: Yes, my coach helped a lot. He made sure film got out so schools could look at it. The biggest thing he did was helping me keep a level head. I was able to get advice about things I saw and what I was being told by the coaches that were recruiting me.

OHPS: What other schools did you take hard looks at?

TY: Wake Forrest, Vanderbilt and BC were the main schools. Other schools like West Virginia, Clemson and Pittsburgh also showed lots of interest. My coach felt Clemson would be a good fit since we run the same offense.

OHPS: Do you have any advice to players out there about recruiting?

TY: Yes, If you have in your mind a school that you are going to pick, tell the other coaches who are recruiting you. This way they can go on and recruit other players and your not wasting the time they need to do this.

As I said this call was more than one player, we also spoke with Tom Anevski of Elder.

OHPS: Have you all been friends before picking BC?

Tom: No, Nick and I have played against each other four time over our junior and senior years. And I really didn't get to know Ty until after the season.

OHPS: When do you all report to BC?

Tom: We have to report on Aug. 4th.

OHPS: Did the distance of travel come into play during recruiting?

Tom: Not really. In looking at different schools we found most of them to be drives of about 4 to 5 hours, my parents can fly to Boston for about $150.00 and be here in about 1.5 hours.

OHPS: Why did you pick BC?

Tom: The education was the biggest part. I come from a school that has the same education background BC has.

OHPS: Is BC looking to redshirt you guys this year?

Tom: They are telling us that 2 of the linemen coming in will make the travel squad. Its up to who is ready for the jump, that is why were working hard this summer and pushing each other.

While we didn't have a chance to speak with Nick Larkin we know he was there. OhioPrepScene would like to thank Ty, Tom and Nick for helping us with how they saw recruiting first hand. We have asked that all three young men keep us updated with how things go at BC.

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