In looking at some of the top players in the state. One has been very quiet this summer. OhioPrepScene had a chance to speak with this young man and see how his summer is going. Some school is going to get a steal with this QB.

This year has seen much talk about a couple of Ohio quarterbacks. One that has the tools but getting less talked about is starting to make his mark.

Kurt Shoemaker from Anderson High School has the tools to play in different styles of offenses. At Anderson they run the spread that Clemson and West Virginia has put in place. But with his size he could also develop into a drop-back passer.

Kurt stands 6'3 and 190 lbs. His best 40 time is 4.7. With his size and speed Kurt has put some great numbers on the board. In 2002 Kurt rushed for 650 yards and passed for 1,276 on 110 of 190 passes.

OhioPrepScene had the chance to speak with Kurt about how his summer has gone and what schools are showing interest.

OHPS: How has your summer gone so far?

Kurt: Not bad, I went to the Cincinnati and Akron one day camps and also the Illinois QB camp. I felt that both UC and Akron saw what they wanted and I did well. I could have done a little better at Illinois but it still wasn't that bad. I just wanted to do my best when I was there.

OHPS: What schools are showing the most interest at this time?

Kurt: Northwestern, UC, Akron, Bowling Green, Duke, Illinois and here in the last few weeks I have received a lot from West Virginia.

OHPS: You run the spread just like West Virginia and Clemson don't you?

Kurt: Yes, our coach knows West Virginia's head coach. When Coach Rodriguez was at Clemson our coach learned the offense and we run it the way they do.

OHPS: Is there a school that is out in front at this time.

Kurt: Since I haven't received any offers yet, I would say no. I'm open with all the schools that are looking at me.

OHPS: What is your strong point on the field?

Kurt: I love to compete and I feel that I have learned to lead our team. I feel that I can make plays when our team needs them the most.

OHPS: What is your weak point on the field?

Kurt: I would have to say my form as a QB is the area I'm working hardest on. I have noticed at time during the season my form gets ugly and I'm just throwing the ball with all arm. I have worked hard this summer on this and I feel its a thing of the past.

OHPS: Was there any other camps your looking at?

Kurt: I was going to head to Northwestern for a camp, but I had a little accident at work and broke my nose. So I had to take care of that instead. I may head to West Virginia for a senior camp and even Clemson before the summer is over.

Kurt has shown the toughness and smarts to play in a fast pace offense. Kurt has a good arm with a quick and fluid motion. He's learned from the spread to get rid of the ball fast. Look for Anderson to make some noise this season with a few recruits on the roster.

OhioPrepScene would like to thank Kurt for the time and wish him the best on the recruiting trail. Stay with OhioPrepScene for more stories about players like Kurt from Ohio.

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