Film Evaluation On Ohio WR

I recently came across some more film on Shaker Heights WR Micheal Bell. Here's my evaluation.

I always hear a lot of good/bad things about players who are being recruited. Michael Bell is no different. Bell is a 6'0 180 pound WR from Shaker Heights. He has a lot of attention from colleges and us recruiting junkies. Until yesterday I didn't have a chance to see much film on Mr. Bell. I saw a few highlights on another website but it wasn't enough to form an evaluation.

Well after seeing more film, I am extremely impressed with Bell. He might only be 6'0 180, but he plays like he's 6'5 225. I saw him burn a DB deep, take short 5 yard passes for 30 yard gains, take punishing hits across the middle and hold onto the ball, and even hit some people on defense. Mike ran a 4.6 at the Nike Camp but on film he looks more like a legit 4.4 guy. People put too much stock in the 40 times anyways....I'll take a guy like Bell who is quick as a cat anyday over a trackstar who can outrun him in head on 40 yard sprint. His lightnight quick reactions showed a few plays when he piled on some YAC (yards after catch).

Bell is a complete player who possibly could be the #1 WR in Ohio if Fred Davis wasn't hanging around up in Toledo this year.

Some school is going to get lucky with Bell. Whether they get lucky by nabbing a Wideout, a defensive back, or just an athlete, Bell will make someone very satisfied they took a chance on him.

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