Mike Daniels & Ray Edwards Talk About The Big 33

OhioPrepScene talks to the ELECTRICFYING Mike Daniels and Defensive specialist Ray Edwards.

I wasn't able to make it to Pennsylvania for the Big 33, but Princeton's (now UC's) Mike Daniels had promised me a victory for the Ohio team.  We (along with Raymond Edwards who also had a terrific game) had spent mass time talking about the importance of Ohio regaining the PRIDE and taking back the bragging rights. 


Did you know that no Super Bowl EVER has been played without at least one alumni of this game?  That should tell you just how prestigious and important this game is.  Mike, Ray, and I had talked about that.  When I talked to Coach Mauck back in March before he had invited Daniels, I expressed to him that Mike was the type of kid that he HAD to have and one of those special kids that can do when the odds ! are against him.  I guess the 100 yards rushing and 120 passing made a believer out of coach Mauck.  One reporter covering the game described Mike as Mr. Versatile.  The same reporter also tailored him "electrifying" and his talents as "amazing". 


These are all adjectives I have used before to describe the little fella.  As an Ohioan, I was quite proud when Mike called my house and exclaimed, "we killed them boys!"  Mike told me how the Pennsylvania team wore "zero tolerance" t-shirts as if they were going to shut down the Ohio offense.  No such luck, Ohio amassed 400plus total offense while Pennsylvania could only garner a little fewer than 50.  


When I got off the phone with Mike Daniels, I got on the phone with defensive leader Ray Edwards "37yards O, they couldn't handle that heat!"  "We were bringing it all night!"  Edwards had 10 tackles along with 3.5 sacks.  A great night for the soon to be Purdue Boilermaker.  "They were talking so much trash all week," which was extra motivating, said Edwards.  Cincinnati's Brandon Maupin, Tony Carvitti, and Derrick Jeffries also played great on defense according to Edwards.


  Congratulations to all the Ohio kids that kicked that ass!

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