Help launch OPS Sunday Night Sports Rap. With your help we can bring you the hard core, Insiders information your looking for. Without support the show will never happen.

Tired of the soft coverage given Ohio High School Sports?

Want hard-core behind the scenes prep coverage?

Want a chance to voice your opinion?

Get on board and support OPS Sunday Night Sports Rap

After much talking between Ozie and myself, we both agree Ohio's prep coverage is in poor shape. Its soft and doesn't allow you the fan a chance to be involved with the action. If you agree help us build a real, hard core talk show covering Ohio High School sports. This can only happen with your help.

How can you help get Sunday Night Sports Rap on the air? It's easy, MONEY. it takes money to build great things. You can donate any amount. Our goal is to raise $4,000 and produce a weekly call in sports show about Ohio High School sports. That's right I said call in. We have already spoke to many of the Insiders top recruiting people in both football and basketball and they will appear on the show. Plus we have spoke to several coaches and players who said they would appear. The great thing about this show is you. You will have the chance to call and ask the questions to Ozie, Craig, Dave or any of our guest.

OPS Sunday Night Sports Rap will last one hour every Sunday night. The live webcast will be free to listen to only on OhioPrepScene.com. We will provide a Toll-Free phone number for you to call and voice your opinion or ask the hard questions on any subject about Ohio High School sports. But it can only happen with your help.

To support OPS Sunday Night Sports Rap send your check made out to.

Ohio Prep Scene   

c/o Sunday Night Sports Rap

1312 Camphill Way #1

West Carrollton, Ohio 45449

All money sent in with c/o Sunday Night Sports Rap will go into the production cost of the show only. When we reach $500.00 we will start the show. Also any company who would like to be a sponsor please contact Dave by e-mail and he will provide you with ad rates.

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