A few months ago Craig told everyone about a young QB not getting any talk about being a top player. He told you to keep an eye out, and this kid was going to see his stock soar. Now that everyone else is listening to Craig and OPS they start doing stories on this Top Quarterback.

OPS has been talking about a young QB from Athens, Ohio now for several months. In fact Craig broke the news about Grant Gregory on April 30th of this year. I still remember Craig calling me and telling me that Grant was in the top 3 QB's in Ohio. I have learned to listen to Craig when it comes to who is a great prospect. Craig and I sat down and watched film of Grant. After a few minutes I looked at him and said I had seen enough. I asked Craig, " Why is no one talking about this kid." Craig told me it was because he lived in Athens. On that day we both knew Grant was going to see his stock soar this summer.

Was Craig wrong? NO WAY!!! Craig was on the mark and is showing why he is a great part of what OhioPrepScene is building. Our goal is not to rank players with a star rating. Our goal is simple: We feel our job is to expose Ohio prep sports and its youth world wide. Craig who played the QB position himself knows all about the position and what a top QB looks like.

Just this month many experts are seeing what we have been telling you about for 4 months. Here is a quote from one of the Insiders recruiting experts.

 "Gregory flew under the radar during the May Evaluation period but he's becoming one of the hottest names in the Midwest this summer."

"Grant Gregory isn't as well know as fellow Ohio quarterback prospects and but he has more upside than both of them."

This is not to say anything bad about recruiting experts and what they do. They work very hard and you are going to miss kids all the time. But I wanted to let our viewers know how hard Craig and the OPS staff work and what our talent level is.

We hope you enjoy what were building and keep helping OPS grow into the best prep site covering Ohio and its youth. And as for Grant, he has seen his stock soar and has several offers sitting on the table. And remember you heard about him first on OhioPrepScene.com

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