Trotwood-Madison Pair Speak With OPS About Verbals

Coach Douglass has been telling many people about the great talent he has playing at Trotwood-Madison. Last night two of his players gave verbals to Coach Turner and The University of Illinois. OPS had a chance to speak with both young men and Coach Douglass about the choice. <FONT face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif" color=#ff0000 size=3><STRONG><EM>THIS IS A OPS FULL ACCESS PASS FREE PREVIEW</EM></STRONG></FONT>

This morning thanks to Coach Douglass of Trotwood, Ohio Prep Scene was able to tell you about two young men who gave verbals last night to Illinois . This evening OPS was able to talk with both of them and Coach Douglass.


I first started to call Tyjuan Jones, I got no answer so I thought no problem, Its Friday night and most teenagers go out for the night. So I thought I would try Zach Logan. The phone was answered and when I asked for Zach I could tell a celebration was going on.

Zach came to the phone and after telling him who I was he informed me that Tyjuan and Coach Douglass were all at his house and they were having a barbecue to celebrate making the choice to play college football at Illinois. I asked if he was willing to talk and he said no problem.

So I started with the first of many questions for the players and then the coach.


FS/WR - HT- 6'1" WT-175 LBS. 40 TIME - 4.39

OPS: What made you pick Illinois?

Zach: We camped there this summer and I really liked what they had to offer. The camp went very well and the coaches seemed to really care about us more then just football players.

OPS: Where are the coaches looking at you to play?

Zach: Corner is what they are telling me. But the Defensive Cord. told me that the Offensive Cord. wants the chance to play me some at WR also.

OPS: What other schools offered or spoke about looking at making an offer?

Zach: Iowa, Purdue and when I was at Indiana last week they made an offer. Michigan said they had interest but wanted to look at film from the first game or two.

OPS: The last time we saw each other (Miami Valley All-Star Game) you had a cast. How is the injury doing?

Zach: Just great, I was released last week. I started doing some running, miles. This week we had some mini-camp and I ran the 40 for the first time. My time was 4.45 and that surprised me since I really haven't ran since late spring.

OPS: Was Illinois an easy choice with Tyjuan also going there?

Zach: Yes, Tyjuan and I have played together for a long time and being able to go off to college and stay teammates is great.

OPS: What are you looking to do at Illinois?

Zach: Were going to win the Big 10 and compete for a National Title. The team won the Big 10 just a couple of years ago, and the staff is working hard to get the program back on track.

OPS: It seems that Illinois is recruiting Southwest Ohio hard this year?

Zach: Yes with Brock Bolen headed there and Tyjuan and myself they coaches are recruiting Ohio hard.

OPS: Are you glad this part of recruiting is over?

Zach: Yes, I want to be able to work hard and not worry about what school I'm going to play at in college. We are working hard to win some big games this season and I didn't want this to be in the way.

I would like to thank Zach for talking with us. Zach was nice enough to put Tyjuan on the phone so he could talk about Illinois.


CB/SS - HT- 6'3" WT- 210 LBS. 40 TIME - 4.47

OPS: How are you feeling right now?

Tyjuan: Great! Happy! Excited!

OPS: Why Illinois?

Tyjuan: When we camped there things went very well. I liked what I saw from the coaches and they seemed to be the type of men I would like to play for. They showed us respect and treated us like men. And I feel that the coaches can help me be a better player.

OPS: Was the decision easy with Zach also going to Illinois?

Tyjuan: Yes, we have known each other for a long time. And I know that if I get down or I'm not doing what I should be, he will push me. Just like he knows that I will do the same for him. We have been pushing each other for a few years now.

OPS: Are you two going to room together?

Tyjuan: Yes, having someone you already know will make the adjustment to being away from home easy.

OPS: What part of recruiting will you miss?

Tyjuan: I will miss all of the mail I was getting. I can't believe how much mail I got during this.

OPS: What position will the coaches have you playing at the next level?

Tyjuan: Safety or Corner.

OPS: What schools made offers to you?

Tyjuan: Iowa, Purdue, Miami of Ohio and Bowling Green.

We didn't want to keep Tyjuan from having fun so we let him go and had the chance to speak with Coach Douglass.

OPS: Coach Douglass how did Illinois come into the picture?

Coach Douglass: The kids enjoyed the time at camp. Illinois is in a great conference and the staff is a very good one. The university is very nice and has a lot to offer. I told the kids that not everyone can go to Ohio State. OSU was not making an offer and Illinois was wanting them both and giving them the love and respect they deserved. I have known Coach Turner since my days with the Chicago Bears, he was the offensive coordinator for the Bears when I was there. I know what type of man he is and that he and his staff will be looking out for my guys when they are there.

OPS: It seems this year Illinois is recruiting Ohio hard this year. Do you see this trend staying for a while?

Coach Douglass: Yes, Ohio State can't take everyone from Ohio. I think schools like Illinois, Michigan State, Pittsburgh and West Virginia can pick up some great talent from Ohio. This year you are seeing some very good players leaving the state. Brock Bolen will be going to Illinois also and he is a very good player.

Ohio Prep Scene would like to thank Coach Douglass, Zach and Tyjuan for taking the time out of what was sure to be a great evening. And also allowing us to share the information about the verbals they gave to Illinois last night. We will keep you updated on other players from Trotwood-Madison who have yet to pick a school and other top players from Ohio on Ohio Prep Scene.

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