Yes! The start of Football is here. The other Football that is.

August 4th marks the official start of high school soccer practice in Ohio. High school soccer is BIG in the U.S.
How big is it?
In boys and girls sports it ranks number 5 in the number of total participants of all high school sports in America. In Ohio it's REALLY BIG. On the boys side, Ohio soccer ranks 6th in the U.S. in total number of participants. In Ohio, boys soccer ranks 5th, only behind baseball, football,basketball, and track. On the girls side it's just plain HUGE in Ohio. Girls soccer is the number 1 participated sport in Ohio! Ohio girls soccer ranks only behind California nationally.
For those prep players with aspirations to play in college, Division I scholarships are rare. For example, on the girls side there were approximately 22,000 participants in 2002. Of those, about 115 or so received scholarships to Division 1 schools. I'm no math wizard, but that factors out to about 1/2 of 1% of total participants receiving D-1 scholarships! Ohio Prep Scene will cover the top players in the state, and let you know who's getting those coveted scholarships. Some of the top players are headed to top programs, and Ohio Prep Scene offers to give you that and more. Stay tuned...

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