Ohio's D-1 Greyhounds WIN 14U AAU Title

What state and team won the 14U AAU National Championship? OHIO!!!

Doing what you are expected to do is not always as easy as it seems.  The D-1 Greyhounds are the 2003 14U National Champion, defending their 13U championship from last year.  The Greyhounds actually breezed through the National Bracket tournament after a couple of close pool play games. 

Greyhound Coach Dwaine Barnes says, "it was our 208th straight victory," these kids are tournament tested.  These kids have won 5 National championships: 2 BCI (Basketball Congress International), 2 AAU, and one All-American Cage Classic since the team was formed two years ago."   Although OJ Mayo, Bill Walker, and Michael Taylor led the way, it was the teams "consistency" and "solid defense" that made them CHAMPIONS! 

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