A player who has worked hard is waiting to see if it paid off. We talk with a young man looking at several schools to further his education.

A player who saw his stock rise during the summer was Dover's Shawn Donaldson. The O-lineman has been overshadowed for much of this past year by teammate Chauncey Incarnato. That is no longer the case.

When we last checked with Shawn he had offers from Kent State and Ball State. Having visited both Shawn was looking at giving a verbal less than a month ago. At this time Shawn informs OhioPrepScene that he's still looking at both schools real hard, but some other schools have also caught his eye.

Louisville, Kentucky, Maryland, Northwestern and West Virginia are all high on Shawn's list of schools he would like to consider in his decision of were to play and further his education.

At this time he's getting lots of mail from the first four, and while not getting much from West Virginia, he camped during a Senior Camp in July and enjoyed working with Coach Trickett. Shawn told OPS "It would be an honor to have the chance to play for a coach like Coach Trickett. He is the type of coach that will get the best out of you, if your willing to work. I know I didn't have my best day while I was at camp at WVU."

In talking with several sources they inform OPS that Northwestern and Louisville could be close to making an offer to Shawn. Speaking with Shawn's father on this subject he tells OPS that neither school has made an offer at this time. He also said that both schools seem to have high interest in Shawn from conversations the family had during camps. He also said that both schools are sending lots of mail at this time. Mr. Donaldson also stated that Shawn has worked hard during the summer to have a big senior year and is looking to put recruiting behind him and stay focused on his school work and this season.

Having watched film of Shawn and seeing him in person during summer camps, I came away feeling this kid is only going to get better. He has the work ethic, desire and heart to play at the next level, the only thing missing is what team is going to reap the rewards of winning the recruiting battle. While Shawn is playing Tackle in high school he projects as a guard or center. Having seen Shawn work at center I feel he can play the position at the next level. He has a sharp quick snap and puts the ball in the right position for the QB.

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