Ohio QB Makes The Call

We said from Day 1 that Grant Gregory had what it takes. The Athens QB/Safety has made up his mind.....read on to see who the lucky school is

Grant Gregory sent me an email the other day with some great news in it. Grant has decided to verbally committ to a Big 10 school. He wanted to make up his mind before the season and that's exactly what he did. Now he can concentrate on his final season with the Athens Bulldogs. Here's the email Grant sent:

Mr. Schwieterman,
Last night (Wednesday) I verbally committed to Indiana University. I will make it official by signing a letter of intent on signing day in February. I made up my mind last week and spent the last 4 or 5 days making sure that was where I wanted to go. It came down to UC and IU and in the end I just felt like Indiana was the place for me. It was an extremely tough decision but I am convinced that I made the right one. If you have any questions email me and I'll get back to you shortly.


Grant Gregory

Go Hoosiers! Beat UConn!

OPS would like to congratulate Grant on his accomplishments and wish him luck this season and next year at Indiana with the Hoosier football team. Stay tuned as we will have an interview with Grant on discussing his decision and what other major players were involved.

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