Chauncey tells us about his choice and the recruiting process. CONGRATS TO CHAUNCEY and Good Luck!!!!

 Mr. Berk, my father informed me that you called today.  I'm sorry I missed talking with you.  I returned home 10 minutes after you called.  I was at the stadium reviewing game film on our upcoming opponent.  We play
West Holmes this coming Friday, August 22nd at Home.

I am very excited about our upcoming season.  Dover has many fine seniors and some "underclassmen" players this year.  We have some lofty goals set for ourselves.  My teammates and I are working extremely hard in our practices
and in the weight room following practice.  My classmates are providing outstanding leadership for the younger boys and they are responding accordingly.  It's great seeing the younger boys "step-up" like I had to for Coach Ifft. 

 It's funny hearing my position coach, Coach Clinker, screaming the same things at the "new-comers" that he usually reserved for me and Shawn Donaldson.  You know, "Sustain your block", "Lower your level", "Hips,
hips, hips!", "Keep those legs pumping", "Do you want me to call 'Podunk' because that's the only place you will be going, Incarnato!", etc…  Then, again, to think about it I still receive a reminder or two daily!! 

But, I'll tell you this Mr. Berk, I attribute most of my current success to these men.  Without them and Dover's Athletic Programs and, yes, Dover's fans and teachers, I would not be in the position I am today regardless of the hard work required.  Dover's teachers and coaches always find a way to make me successful, sometimes in spite of myself!  I, like most of my teammates, feel honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to be associated
with the Dover school system.  That's why we work so hard.

Speaking of hard, that's why I am writing to you.  I have just made the most difficult decision of my life. This morning, I made a "verbal" commitment to a great university.  I wanted you to be the first to know outside my family and Dover's Coaching Staff.  I truly believe your belief in my athletic ability early on and the valuable advise you gave helped me in the "recruiting process" immensely. 

Because of your estimation of my athletic ability I know I got some "looks" from the attention your web site provided.  Because of your advice I was able to rule out some things in my decision like distance away from home. Again, Mr. Berk, many, many thanks!

As for the difficulty of the decision I made, let me say it was very hard but clear as to my choice.  Following your advice and that of my coach and parents I did what I think was a thorough investigation of all the universities that made me an "offer".  I also checked out a few others I was strongly interested in but did not "offer" me.  I tried to keep my decision to a logical one and base it on facts as much as possible. 

My father and I developed a "plan of action" and pretty much held to it.  As a result, we were able to rule out some programs from the very start of the process.  The number one priority we set was to chose a university that offers a excellent education first and foremost.  Our second priority was to play for a traditionally outstanding football program.  Thirdly, I wanted to meet the head coach and the position coach and know that I could be around these men six hours a day for the next, probably, five years of my life every day.  Our fourth goal was to simply do the homework!  We read everything we could including the old media guides and school bulletins, talked with
former and current students and players, and made a least several all-day visits to the location of the schools I developed an interested in as an outcome of this goal.  In spite of all this, I must tell you the process
still has an emotional aspect to it regardless of my efforts to the contrary.  The reason it was emotinally for me was related to my third priority.  I simply liked all the position coaches I met as well as the head

What wonderful gentlemen, role models, and interesting people! Most memorable, for me, among the postion coaches was Coach Trickett at West Virginia, Coaches Junko and Freemen at Pittsburg and Coach Denbrock at Notre Dame. As for head coaches, my top two were Walt Harris at Pittsburgh and Tyrone Willingham at Notre Dame.  On my final "unofficial" visits I spent a lot of time with each at their respective universities.  Each is impressive with their intellect and desire to excel in their football programs.  I felt it would be an honor to be association with either of these extraordinary mentors.  But, since life is a series of choices as my father exclaims, I
could only pick one from among the ones I had to choice from.

Consequently, this morning following practice and with Coach Ifft present, I called Coach Willingham at Notre Dame.  I informed him that I want to be a part of the "Fightin' Irish" Football Program.  Coach Willingham warmly welcomed me to the "Notre Dame Family".  We talked about futre plans following my official signing on Feb. 5th, 2004.  I plan on making several more visits to Notre Dame this coming year.  Hopefully, I can find time from my commitment to my beloved Dover High School to attend a few ND games in the Fall. 

Mr. Berk, I feel like one of the luckiest guys in the world.  I am associated with an excellent football program with supportive fans and a top-notch school system and I will be going to another outstanding institution with an excellent football program.  I'm afraid someone is going to pinch me and I will wake-up!
*    *    *    *    *   *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    Sincerely,
*    *    *    *    Chauncey Incarnato '04
*    *    *    *    GO IRISH!!!!

OPS Views:  The staff of OhioPrepScene was glad to be apart of Chauncey and his families recruiting process.  We thank them for all of the help and information they allowed OPS to bring you the fans of football recruiting.  I would like to stress how happy we are for the Incarnato family and Chauncey.  While this may be the end of his recruiting, its only the start of the football season and what the future holds for this young man.  Stay with OPS for more on Chauncey and other top Ohio High School Players only on

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