In the stands at the Crosstown

The WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN of the Crosstown durig the first night of this great High Football Event.

As you know the Big fella likes to watch the game from the sidelines, but I felt kinda funny not having Mike Daniels to watch and it was really hot, so I decided to sit this one in the stands with my man Dave Berk and his two wonderful kids.


We sat aside Ron Robinson who was with his son Chris Robinson (Roger Bacon) who is a 6'4 freshman stud that you'll soon hear about on both the football field and on the hardwood.   Robinson was with good friend Christian Siakam.  Many Cincinnatians have been talking about the 6'7 African widely rumored to be going to Moeller, but ending up at Hughes High School.  That's a HUGE win for Coach Greg Mills and the Hughes program because the FRESHMAN Siakam, while raw, can get down with the get down.  Once his understanding becomes more complete and catches up with his physical attributes, he will be one of Cincinnati's finest: ANY class!!! 


Also in the stands was a coach from Ohio Dominican.  Did you know that they were starting a football program?  Look for a story from Dave soon, Dave and the guy really hit off.  They will be NAIA and have scholarships, so kids get your information to BERK quick!!! 


We must have been in real good seats or our entrance was a closer walk than the other because we saw them all.  I spoke briefly with Oak Hills coach Mike Price.  Look for a story on the kids from the Cincinnati AAU program soon. Ran into good friend Miles Davis who wanted to make sure we checked out his son RB Miles Davis play for Boone County Saturday.  Davis is the first cousin of Seattle Seahawk and former Rebel Shaun Alexander.  If lil' Miles has half of that blood that Alexander has, you can be sure the Big fella will be on the sideline!  I saw sophomore Kyle Lumpkin (Winton Woods) son of basketball coach David Lumpkin.  Lumpkin reported that he had been working on his game after spending the summer with the Cowboys AAU program.  Had a chance to speak with Aiken high school head football coach Calvin Johnson.  In his second year, he says his Falcons will be ready to fly the coup Friday night as they take on the Hughes Panthers!  His brother Tony Johnson was also in the house.  Tony informed me that he would be joining new Taft basketball head coach Mark Mitchell as an assistant.  Congratulations to Mitchell on winning that job.  I think he'll do a good job.  BUILD AROUND EDDIE GRAY DUDE!!! 


Now back to the subject:  there was a period of time when Colerain arrived and we got to see coach Kerry Coombs.  I told Coach I was rolling with Colerain this year, and now I'm telling you.  I heard they smashed Moeller in a recent scrimmage and I'm a believer.  If I wasn't before Mister Simpson walked into the stadium, I definitely was after the svelte junior running back approached my seat and shook my hand.  Can't wait ‘til Saturday to see Simpson rumble.  Now, he was traveling with the most important player on the Cardinal team, senior QB Eric Fitzpatrick.  One of the reasons that I choose Colerain to represent Cincinnati and OF COURSE win the state is because of Fitzpatrick's understanding of Coombs' multiple formation, triple back, option attack! 


After the wave of Colerain players rolled through, the GMC continued to represent as Ohio State recruit OL Steve Rerhing of Lakota West entered the stadium.  With Rerhing was sophomore sensation Josh Chichester.  Chichester is the 6'7 kid you'll see running around like Randy Moss this season.  He is also a BEAST on that hardwood!  Come home, son, come home! 


I spent the major part of the second game watching with long time friend Al West.  West, now Director of Admissions at Central State was Hughes' head football coach last year after spending over 15 years at the school.  I coached with Al at Hughes back in 1987 and 88.  "'87, 5-4, ‘88 we want more," was our slogan!  Check the record book the NUMBER ONE DEFENSE in the city of Cincinnati in 1988 was the Hughes BIG RED!!!  We went 8-2 and were pretty damn good!  West had a history of working for his kids, which will be the legacy, I remember him by.  I'd put money on West being the new coach at Central State when that program revitalizes!!! 


As I was leaving, I got a chance to catch up with former Winton Woods Warrior and greatest Queen City Prophet ever Rob Hite.  Hite is home from Miami, Florida for his last break of the summer and had to support the old school.  Hite looked great and reported that he is ready to do his thing as a sophomore for the Hurricane basketball team.  Next, was one of my favorite senior basketball players in Princeton's Mark Dorris.  Dorris looked great and said he had been working real hard on his game and is ready to prove to college coaches that he can contribute to their team. 


Getting closer to the gate, I saw Withrow Freshman basketball coach Jonathan Burge, head coach Steve Gentry and assistant Tyrone Gibert.  They were sitting with new Withrow football coach Doc Gamble.  Gamble whose Tigers play Middletown tomorrow night in my Urban Sports Report (Cincinnati Herald) game of the week, has assembled quite the coaching staff (my nephew Antonio Davis one of many that played college football) at Withrow and has generated as much excitement about a football program in the public high school league as there has been in recent years!  Look for a story on that staff in the near future. 


Finally, I got a chance to see former Winton Wood Warrior guard Mac Hunter.  Hunter will be attending Wayne State on a basketball scholarship this year.  Good luck Mac.  Well, that was my night in the stands at the Crosstown and a great night it was. 

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