Best of the Best at the Showdown

Ozie brings more to OhioPrepScene than just basketball. He has a special love for football and always will. See who Ozie feels was the best at the Crosstown Showdown in 2003.

Best Offensive Lineman

Being an offensive lineman myself, of course I know that LINE PLAY is the most important aspect of the game of football.  Thus, we start our recognition with the hogs.  Elder's Eric Wood was the best I saw this weekend.  He handled Winton Woods' tough defensive end Roscoe Bratton all night long.  Also on my line would be LaSalle's Rodney Pompey and Ryan Stancheck, Elder's Correy McKenna, Lebanon's Ken Melick, and Anderson's Rob Schirmann.


Best Defensive Lineman

Colerain's Nick Davis impressed me the most.  Run stopper supreme with a motor charged by the energizer bunny.  In a defensive lineman, I look for attitude, athleticism, and strength.  Davis is the total package.  Other's considered included Princeton's Tony Daniels, Roger Bacon's Lekristopher Devant,  Elder's Tony Stegman, and Anderson's David Hensley.


Best Quarterback

Tough call.  Roger Bacon's Scott Pompple wins the recognition here.  St. Xavier junior QB Robbie Schoenhoft shook off first half inexperience to put himself into consideration for this elite recognition, as did Anderson's Kurt Shoemaker, Lebanon's Tyler Pritchard, Colerain's Erick Fitzpatrick, and LaSalle's Anthony Kummer.


Best Running Back

Bradley Glattahaar!


Best Linebacker

Colerain's Andre Revels was my favorite.  Moeller's Ryan Luken, St. X's Brad Scheidt, and Elder's Seth Preistle also shined!


Best Wide Receiver

Jamaal Akbar wins this recognition.  Maybe I'm a little bias toward big play types, but he has that type of ability.  Starts to make you think what he'd be like with one of the QB's above?  It would be touchdown city!!! Hamilton's Brandon Harris was a very close second.


Best Defensive Back

Here we had to break the position up to hitting and covering.  The best hitter was Anderson's Brandon Wamsley.  Wamsley is the real deal. Started the game with protective covering over an injured arm, by games end that had disappeared. Super tough and hard hitting.  His buddy and safety teammate Sean Munninghoff, Princeton's Daronce Daniels, and Colerain's Tyler Moody were also considered for this recognition. 

Cover- well, they never threw the ball at Brandon Underwood, so he wins this recognition hands down.  Until someone test him, and beats him, he'll continue to be my best cover corner.



Best Team

Elder by a slim margin over Colerain.  Dave Berk best summed up my thoughts here "Colerain had the best talent, but Elder had the best team."


Best Coach

Too many to choose from.  Tie Kerry Coombs and Doug Ramsey.


Most exciting player

Colerain's Erick Fitzpatrick in a real close one over LaSalle's QB Kummer, Winton Wood's WR Jamaal Akbar, and Elder's RB Glattahaar.


Best sophomore

First of all, I didn't even know Kyle Lumpkin went to Colerain, second of all I didn't know how sweet he was.  While his action was limited after the first quarter, the sophomore RB was big in establishing Colerain's offensive firepower!  While statistically Roger Bacon's Demetrious Toombs outperformed Lumpkin, Lumpkin wasn't given as many opportunities to get down, as he should have been.  Winton Woods' Julian Johnson also played excellent for a youngster.


Most surprising win

Roger Bacon's win over Princeton wins this recognition slightly over Anderson's win over Moeller.


Best game

Covington Catholic/St. Xavier.  


Best Prep Sports Event Organizer's

DSA Prep Sports proved that they are the best prep sport organizers in the world.  What a spectacular event from halftime entertainment, to game time specials, to press room amenities.  Thanks for allowing in the house!

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