A look at what one family did with a top basketball recruit. Was it right or wrong? Only they know and thats fine with me.

A player that turned many heads last winter is ready to make his choice known. Josh Duncan is a Top 100 recruit in basketball circles. Today it's been learned that Josh will make his choice of college to play basketball. What school will he pick? That is the $100,000,000 question. Everyone is asking but only the Duncan family knows.

The Duncan family has keep Josh out of the media and recruiting experts way during this summer. While I don't blame them for this, OhioPrepScene would have loved to done an interview of Josh and how it felt to win the state championship and to be a top recruit. We also wanted to learn more about the choices the family made during the process. We felt it could help other parents who are going through the same thing with kids that are top recruits in other sports.

Recruiting is not easy. The constant phone calls and endless questions about what school is in the lead can drive a family and young athlete crazy. Trust me, when the phone rings at midnight of the first day calls are allowed, you know right away peace in the household will be hard to find. The Duncan family chose to keep Josh away from all of this and kept many people away in the process. While this will not hurt recruiting, it could hurt during voting in such things as McDonalds and other top awards high school seniors can earn.

High School sports are not at the level of pro sports. If a family wants to keep people out of the loop, they have a right to do so. But don't keep people who want to learn about recruiting and the process a family goes through from your information. While many do want to know about what school a kids will attend, many other families are looking for help in the same process the Duncan family is about to end.

My point in this article is simple. Yes some people care only for themselves and take everything they can get from a kid and use it. But others are trying to help and put families in position to make better choices in recruiting and schools. You can speak to many of the parents of the players OhioPrepScene has covered during our short time. I hope they will be the first to tell you, 1. We were a help during the process. 2. We treated their son right, and didn't take much of his time in the process. We are first here to help families in the recruiting process, then tell the stories about it. I wished Mr. & Mrs. Duncan would have taken the time and shared why they chose the path they did. We wish Josh the best no matter what school he picks.

Oh! as for what school I think he will pick. A few weeks ago I would have said Xavier. And a few weeks before that I would have said IU. I also would have said I didn't think the Buckeyes were in the running. So I will pick Kentucky as the school Josh heads for. Right or Wrong I do know this, Josh is the winner with any of them.

PS: If Mr. & Mrs. Duncan would like to share with other families what recruiting was like, please contact us. I only tried to call twice in the past 6 months.

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