Duncan makes "Heart Felt" decision

In the quaint Moeller locker room, which is quite plush as high school locker rooms go, Josh Duncan sat quietly with his mom and dad!

Josh had made his decision and we in media land had to wait for his announcement.  When I first entered the Bresben Athletic Complex, I saw Head Coach Carl Kremer.  I asked, "Do you know?"  He said "yes!"  I didn't even ask.  To be honest, I was hoping it was Xavier.  I figured it wasn't Indiana (one of my alma maters) because of their recent commitments, and Wake Forest was too far, so to me it had come down to Xavier v Kentucky. 


Although there are ! many UK faithful in Cincinnati, Lexington is not around the corner from my house, plus I've known the Xavier coaching staff for quite a long time.  "I knew it in my heart all along," said the 6'7 forward looking real good in his Moeller Blue and Gold striped shirt! 


"I have decided to go to Xavier," announced Duncan.  Duncan and his dad remarked about the good feeling they got from Xavier coaches and in particular head coach Thad Matta.  I know the Xavier coaches had to be delighted.  To win on a player like Duncan means that the work that they had been putting in for almost two years had paid off and it also was as straight a recruiting situation as could possibly be. 


You can credit Dwight Duncan for that.  The elder Duncan was committed to not letting this process get out of hand, so there was no AAU, no summer ball at all, yet constant individual workouts with dad.  I remember sitting at lunch with Carl Kremer early last spring and coach Matta calling his cell phone.  I knew Matta was doing his job.  Duncan commented about a one on one conversation with Xavier's David West as another factor that helped him in his decision.  "He answered a lot of questions for me," remarked Duncan.  Both dad and son talked about how this was a "heart felt decision," so I know it was one they felt was God sent. 


Josh thanked God, his coaches, and his parents, before announcing his decision.  He remarked that "the community! , academics, and basketball program," played a big role in helping him come to his decision last week.  Josh took no other visits and commented that the decision was "not that tough!"  "It's the right situation for where he is and what he wants, and we fully support his decision," said the elder Duncan.  He continued;  "Thad is young, energetic, and full of a lot of new ideas, we really like him, the bottom line is that we felt in our heart that it was a good situation for Josh."


Josh says that the coaches are looking at playing him at the "2 and 3," so hopefully we'll get to see Josh face the basket even more this season as the Moeller Crusaders defend their D1 state title.  It was a great day at Moeller and in t! he words of Carl Kremer "a great day for Moeller, the Duncan's, and Josh," and even a greater day for the Xavier Musketeers.  Congrats!


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