During the Crosstown Showdown we had the chance to see many of Southwest Ohio's top players. One player that we saw is not getting recruited the way he should be. We ask why.

How can this be? Your a running back on a Division I (Big School) championship team. You rush for 1990 yards as a junior. Score 32 Touchdowns and have the size 6'0-6'1 222lbs and speed 4.5 to play DI College Football, but you have no offers.

I don't who or why no one is looking at this young man as a recruit, but they are missing out. Bradley Glatthaar is the real deal. He has great vision and knows how to get through holes for big gains. Having seen Bradley run in person allowed me to see a great back in the making. Why no on is giving this kid big looks is causing me to have some lost faith in the recruiting process.

If any college coach has any questions about this young man contact OhioPrepScene or Coach Ramsey at Elder. I'm asking! Is the problem he played behind a great offensive line last season? If so, how do you answer for the 235 yards and 4 touchdowns in the season opener. This kid is a great prospect, and needs to be seen. I have seen several great backs over the years and this is one of them. He has a great running form, keeps his shoulders squared, legs pumping and he hits the hole with the ability to switch gears to find more open space for extra yards. He also has a forward gain that gives him an extra yard at the end. At this time Bradley Glatthaar is the most underrated player I have seen in 2003.

Elder, who plays great teams week-in-week-out is a proven school for recruits. Bradley is another of the great Elder football players. What more is a school looking for. On Saturday night I spoke to Coach Ramsey about Bradley and he is stumped just as well. While I don't know if Bradley camped this summer, (very important for recruiting) I would think his 2002 performance would have given him something extra in the recruiting process.

OhioPrepScene will keep you updated on Bradley, along with many of Ohio's top prep football players.

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