Eric Thatcher out at Pitt

One of Ohio's finest had a change of plan. But only for a short time.

Cincinnati Moeller's DB Eric Thatcher will not be reporting to Pitt with the freshman class this year.  Unfortunately, a freak accident where the All-State cornerback severed arteries in his foreman will keep him at home until January.  He is currently attending Cincinnati State while rehabbing his injured arm and working hard to get ready for 2004.  "Now, I get to go in with the class of 2004," said the injured Thatcher.  Eric will still have all his eligibility when he checks in in January, so he'll get an extra spring ahead of most of his 2004 classmates.  Eric keeps this on his mind as he rehabs twice a week and lifts 4 times a week.  Eric wanted us to make sure to wish all his 2003 classmates the best of luck as they embark on their college football careers. He'll be there with you soon enough!


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