The weatherman called for rain and it happend. I called for a Warrior win and that happened. But who called for all the lightning and the delay that followed.

With the football season starting each season a week sooner, the threat of late summer storms has risen. Because of this Mother Nature likes to let showers pour on Football Fridays. Just as the case this week when the Warriors headed to Fairfield.


Wayne who started the season with an embarrassing home lose to Cincinnati Oak Hills the week before. Struck just like the weather on this Friday night. With a heavy shower around 4:30 in the afternoon and another at around 5:30 the field looked to not be a factor. But what the early rain didn't do the late rain in the third quarter along with lightning did. The Warriors were much like the weather on this night. Scoring with big bolts over the course of the game.

At the start many Warrior fans waited to see if the defense would play like they expected, and if the offense could put points on the board. The verdict is still out on both. While the Warriors came away with a win, questions still need to be answered.

The early going saw the Warriors score by using a special teams punt return by Thomas Mouser, the blocking was great by this unit and Mouser worked to put up this great 77 yard run back. The next big break came from the defense as Brandon Waller picked up a Fairfield fumble and raced 35 yards for a score.

The next score on the night saw Greg Orton the Warriors go-to receiver head for the corner and show his athletic moves by leaping and bringing in the pass for a touchdown. Then the weather made itself known. With rain coming down and lightning filling the sky both teams and fans were ordered to take cover. In what became a long delay with around 3:35 left in the 3rd quarter the Warriors looked to finish what was started without making another trip to Fairfield. The officials waited and thanks to Coach Randy Bitsco, OhioPrepScene was able to give Huber Heights and Warriors fans some information on the freshman team and youth football in Huber.

The return of play saw the field soaked and each team having problems holding onto the ball. The defense while giving up some yards on select plays showed fans what they expected and forced an interception by Michael Mikens that gave the Warriors the ball back. After a couple of plays Marcus Freeman took a handoff and was off to the races. The linebacker/fullback showed his break-away speed as no Fairfield defender was able to get closer than 3 yards to him. The run was a was a example of what Freeman can bring to the offense this season.

The Warriors even the season totals at 1 - 1 and return home for a game that should see some fireworks, without the lightning against a very good Toledo St. Francis De Sales team.

If your unable to be at the game, remember that you can listen to it live only on OhioPrepScene. Look for our story on the De Sales game and the link to listen. 

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