The Chanel Firebirds will have their hands full as the try to get back on the winning track when they travel to Akron to face Hoban (2-0) ranked 3rd in Division III by OPS, on Friday night.

Hoban is lead by its outstanding tailback Tyrell Sutton, who has gained over
500 rushing yards, in two games this season, behind a huge and physical
offensive line.

For the Firebirds to win they will need to correct problems that lead to
their first loss, such as poor blocking, and a poor offensive effort.
Pataskala Watkins appeared to be quicker, more determined and showed more
hustle than the "Birds", as the won 12-0.    The Chanel defense played an
excellent game but was on the field most of the night as the offense failed
to carry its share of the load.

The Chanel offense had the ball three times in the last 5 minutes but failed
to score as their receivers continued a pattern from last game of dropping
ball in critical situations. To beat Hoban, the offense is going to have to
get in gear and score some points as I am sure, Mr. Sutton knows his way to
the end zone.

Hopefully, the Chanel coaches have made the necessary adjustments, and the
offense will be more efficient and productive.  If not, the playoffs for
this year could be slipping away.

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