Coaches! Looking for help in rasing the money needed for the equipment you want? We have the right company for you with a great track record.

In this day and age of easy come, easy go, I don't look at working with a company to just make a dollar. The company must hold many of the same goals that we have set for OhioPrepScene now and in the future. I also must be able to speak one-on-one with someone in charge. I don't want to be part of a company that all I know is a telephone.

One such company is here to help Ohio High School Sports or other school groups earn money to offset the rising cost seen today. Ohio Varsity Gold Inc. is helping many of the states coaches raise money for equipment and other needs in their programs. In talking with Fundraising Consultant Rick O'Bleness, he tells OhioPrepScene, "Our goal is simple, help coaches or other school groups raise money by giving people in the schools community a way to save money at restaurants or other businesses they use every week. We also want to make raising money easy for the coach and the players involved."

I learned about Rick from seeing Varsity Gold Cards in the hands of Wayne Football players during the last month. Each card would sell for $10.00. With over 20 businesses on the card the buyer could save on everything from Pizza, Subs, Golf, Hair Cuts, Auto Service Work and Dry Cleaning. After only a couple of uses the buyer has received back the original $10.00 or even more and helped the schools sports program stay on equal footing with bigger financial sports programs.. The card is good for one year and has the current Varsity Schedule on the front. What I found even better is the fact many schools in the state are using this program for its major fund raiser. It beats car washes and other forms of fund raising. Some other things I found were how Rick and other consultants give a very large portion of the money earned to the program. Also I found interesting was how the consultants give even more money for things like area All-Star games or other areas that need sponsorship.

While doing research on the program the one thing I came away with was how this program was built on simplicity. Simplicity for the coaches, kids and buyers of the cards for sale.

Stay with OhioPrepScene and learn more about Ohio Varsity Gold. If your a coach and have interest in learning more about the Varsity Gold program or how your team can earn money ranging from a couple of thousand $$$ to $10,000 - 15,000 in one easy event contact Rick..

To contact Rick at Ohio Varsity Gold click on the E-mail link and he or one of the other consultants will contact you ASAP.

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