OhioPrepScene has a simple goal. Help promote Ohio High School Athletes Worldwide. In recruiting many young men and women need help. And that is why were here. Today we look at a player who is being missed, but not for long.

Desire' (pronounced Dez eh ray) Morris is one of the best players in Ohio that very few outside high school soccer know about. Why isn't this outstanding athlete receiving the recognition from many college coaches? Well, the answer is simple, yet complex. Desire', first of all has a late birthday (September). Although she is a senior, she just had her 17th birthday. When she competed this last spring during her junior year, she competed at the U-16 club level.

Most other juniors were showcasing their talent at the U-17 level, and this is where the greatest concentration of college coaches observe/recruit future prospects. The overwhelming majority of soccer players are recruited at the club level, not high school. Desire' didn't participate in ODP. Because of these factors  Desire' was overlooked.

Coached by Kellie Siler of Wyoming High School, this 2002 CHL Player of the Year has all the tools to compete at the D-1 level. Blessed with tremendous speed, quickness and athleticism, Desire' was a big part of the Wyoming High School run at the state title last year.

Wyoming finished as the runner up to Bay Village Bay last year, but has most of the team returning and is currently the Ohio number 1 ranked team in Division II. Along with Desire' being named Player of the Year, her other accolades include 1st team All-City, 1st team All-Southwestern Ohio, Cincinnati Enquirer All-Star, and All- State recognition. She is also an accomplished sprinter as well. College coaches who haven't filled their roster would do well to see her.

A picture is worth a thousand words and to watch Desire' compete would require quite a few volumes. Because of the lack of exposure, Desire' attention from Division 1 programs have been minimal. There is no substitute for exceptional speed in many sports and this young athlete has it in abundance. Ohio Prep Scene will be following and promoting Desire' and will keep you posted as to where she ends up.

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