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Listen to Wayne Warrior Football live. This week the Warriors travel to Xenia for a GWOC battle for first place and many computer points.<FONT style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif" color=#ff0000 size=3><STRONG>&nbsp;7:00 PreGame / 7:30 KickOff </STRONG></FONT>



Battle may not be the right word to use when Wayne travels to Cox Field for a GWOC battle on Friday night. The Buccaneers look to take the next step towards a playoff run and need to find a way to beat the Warriors for the first time in a long time. The Buccaneers are looking for WAR!


During the past few years Xenia has circled its calendar each year for its game against Wayne. Each year the Buccaneers look to take the next big step and win one against the Warriors only to come up short. Will this be the year Xenia kicks the door down and heads to the party? Friday night will give us the answer as Warriors better bring their (A) game to the party.

2003 has Xenia sitting at the top of the GWOC in many areas. With 1,862 total yards of offense, Xenia has one of its most powerful teams to remember. With 1,487 of those yards coming on the ground the Warriors defense will be tested early and often.

Offense is not the only area that Xenia is showing its strength. On defense the Buccaneers have allowed only 898 total yards. Giving up 506 on the ground and 392 in the air, the Buccaneers lead the GWOC in total defense. Look for the running of Thomas Mouser to play a giant role in this game.

When looking at both teams the Warriors have scored a total of 176 points and given up only 55 in its first five games. The Buccaneers have scored 136 points and given up 51. Two key areas to watch on Friday night, who will get the most penalty calls and turnovers. Xenia is the worst team in the GWOC with 41 penalties, costing them 332 yards. The Warriors have only been flagged a total of 18 times for 138 yards. Xenia has fumbled 8 times losing 3, while the Warriors have 6 times losing 3 also.


Both teams have go-to backs. For the Warriors, Mouser ( 79 carries 486 yards) is the man. This tough nosed old-style runner is what fuels the Warriors offense. For Xenia Mark Walker ( 61 carries 479 yards) is one of three backs who will carry the ball. Xenia will also use Rudy Jones ( 52 carries 424 yards) and Cedric Tolbert ( 53 carries 271 yards ) in its three headed monster back attack. The only other back that has carried the ball for the Warriors is Marcus Freeman ( 28 carries 273 yards ).

Xenia who starts a Sophomore QB in Josh Cousins ( 56 attempts 24 comp. 203 yards 5 TD 2 INT ) has some receiving threats with Tolbert and Kevin Peacock, but stay close to the vest with its running game. The Warriors counter with Junior Matt Whited ( 82 attempts 51 comp. 546 yards 4 TD 2 INT ) and big play receiver Greg Orton ( 20 receptions 269 yards & 4 touchdowns ).

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Special teams play is a big advantage for the Warriors in this match-up. With Mouser returning punts the Warriors win this battle. In kickoff returns both teams are even with Mike Mickens ( 28.75 avg./ret) and Tolbert ( 28.00 avg./ret). The punting game gives the Warriors another edge with Freeman ( 43.83 Avg./Punt) . The Warriors biggest special teams weapon is kicker Drew Eby. Eby leads the GWOC in kickoff avg. 58.77 avg./KO, and also leads the GWOC in individual kicking with 31 points. Drew has hit on 22/22 XP and 3/5 FG's so far this year.

Other stories to watch in this game is the play of two of the states top players. Wayne's Marcus Freeman is the states top linebacker, while Xenia's Ben Person is considered one of the top O-linemen in the state. Will both be Ohio State recruits on Friday? We will know on Wednesday when Freeman picks between Notre Dame and Ohio State. Other players to watch in this game include for Wayne, David Day (SR), Mike Mickens (JR), Brandon Waller (SR) and Greg Orton (JR). All of these players are showing DI college potential. For Xenia keep an eye out for Cedric Tolbert considered one of the top juniors in the state.

For those who tuned in for the Wayne, Beavercreek game last week, were sorry about the problems with the broadcast and should have no problem this week.

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Wayne battles Xenia Live


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