This time of year some players rise and other fall. Here is one on the rise.

This time of year many prep football players are seeing interest grow or decline. Many reasons may cause this. Poor showings in the early part of their senior year, or schools they wanted to be recruited by have passed them by, with that interest drops. On the other hand great showings during the first few weeks and coaches getting a chance to see players in person can make offers come and interest grow.

One player we have spoke about on OPS is seeing the latter this fall. As a junior, Shawn Donaldson saw interest from some of the MAC schools. With offers from Ball State and Kent in hand Shawn knew that he had some talent. During the spring and summer, Shawn hit the camping trail of many schools in the Midwest. If he wasn't able to camp he made visits to schools and check them out in case they would have interest latter in the process. In speaking with Shawn's father he told OPS. "If a school sent information and showed interest in Shawn, we felt it was our responsibility to try and visit. We made sure the interest was not just part of regular recruiting. If in our conversation a school told us, Yes! We really are looking at Shawn, a trip was planed for camp or visit. Some even became visits at latter dates during the early part of the season."

Well, all I can say is great job Donaldson family. By taking extra steps and getting Shawn out into view of college coaches you have raised the level of interest in him by many programs. Many of our sources are telling us that Shawn has raised his level of play this year, and playing as well if not better than Chauncey Incarnato ( Notre Dame ) in the first five weeks of the season. Our sources are saying offers from Northwestern, Maryland, Kentucky and Miami of Ohio could come in the next week or so.

In talking with Mr. Donaldson about the possible offers he informed OPS. "At this time we have chosen to keep all recruiting talk between the colleges, Coach Ifft and our family.  I will say that all of the schools you mention have been in contact.  We want Shawn to work and focus on the season at hand. This season Dover has a special team that's working hard for a playoff berth. Each week they take another step closer to the goals they have made for 2003, and we don‘t want recruiting to get in the way. Shawn has some offers and were looking at each of them with great interest. All of the schools who have offered have been great, and each one is special in its own way. As a family we are looking to put recruiting behind us in the next two - three weeks. We don't want any distractions to affect what Shawn and his teammates have worked so hard for."

We would like to thank Mr. Donaldson for his time and the information that he's shared with OPS. Having seen Shawn at camp and on film I have a strong feeling the offers our sources are talking about will happen. Shawn is able to play all of the O-line positions. We see him as a center, but depending on the program he could also be a guard or tackle. OPS will keep up with Shawn and other top players from around the state.

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