Colerain ROUTS Lakota West

You would think that Lakota West could give Colerain a challenge with the names they have on their roster:

Ohio State recruit OL Steve Rehring, Cincinnati recruit TE Evan Spanogians, junior OL Steve Huff, junior RB Dane Romero, sophomore WR Josh Chichester, but not on this night. 

When I arrived at the game it was only 10-0 in the middle of the second quarter.  My thoughts of a good game were secure.  Then the Cardinals went on a 34-0 run from the :17 mark in the second quarter to the end of the third quarter.  So, when I started walking to the exit, Colerain was up 44-0.  By the time I got to the car they had scored again for the final score 51-0!!! 

The best thing the Firebirds had to offer was the pressroom, and I'd like to extend thanks to the good people at West for the service, food, and professional atmosphere in the press box!  On the field, it was ALL Colerain.  It was as if in the bird kingdom Cardinals own Firebirds! 

The head of the Cardinal class on this night was RB Mister Simpson.  Simpson and buddy QB Erik Fitzpatrick ran that option up and down the field as if they were playing the PS2.  It all started with the offensive line dominance led by seniors Brian Lay and Justin Miller and joined by junior Bryan Shelton.  Speaking of dominance, it seemed as if junior LB's Andre Revels and LeDominique Williams danced all night long, not once being intimidated by the larger West offensive linemen.  Up front, junior DL Terrill Byrd was giving those hogs the blues!  The defensive backfield also was flying around led by senior Brandon Leonard with junior Justin Moore.  It was a NO contest as Colerain continued to roll through the Greater Miami Conference!        

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