Many players go under the radar screen. Even one's that OPS watches every week.

Having seen the Wayne Warriors play every game this season I felt it was time to promote one of the best players on the team. While the whole nation knows of Marcus Freeman, they haven't heard of Javon Potter. Javon or the name I have given him "The Big Guy" is ranking right up there with some of the Warriors past top linemen. With recent grad's Larry Turner, Sean Pugh and Jeff Berk playing at the college level, college coaches who haven't seen this one play, better head to Huber Heights very soon.

The first thing you will see from Javon is his size. Standing 6'3 and weighting in at 285 pounds, Javon can play guard or tackle in the right system. While I project him as a guard, his feet and pass blocking abilities would allow him to play on the outside if needed. As stated Javon is light on his feet for such a big man. During the season he's played against players of equal size and also smaller size. ( In most cases linemen have problems going against smaller high school linemen, when they hit the next level they see constant players that match up in size.)

While grading High School linemen is different in every school, Javon has seen constant high marks from the Wayne staff. Consider that Javon moves along the line during a game, playing both the right and left sides. He's got nice arm length, and gets down field to make more blocks without losing his leverage or feet.

At this time MAC schools along with some lower level schools have found Javon. Don't be surprised to see Javon be a great steal for a program at the lower DI or at a top I-AA school.

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