Sean Woods's son Martiese Monroe In Columbus

Sean Woods's son Martiese Monroe stirs conversation in Columbus. For about a month OPS has been hearing about a great player in the Columbus area that no one had anything on. OPS is the first to bring you the who, what and why about this top player and more.

We had heard that there was a fantastic transfer in the Columbus area at DeSales high school.  Now, we get a report on the action from one of our Columbus basketball correspondents Troy Ratcliff.  Troy caught the kid in open gym action at Delaware Hayes. thanks Troy for his contributions of care and concern to athletics in the Columbus area.


Martiese Morones has caused plenty of conversation in his short time in Columbus and basketball is in his blood.  Morones is the son of former University of Kentucky star Sean Woods (currently coaching at Highpoint University in NC).  Morones had transferred out of Florida the year before because of his dads coaching career and the family was looking for stability and a good education for his final two years of high school.  Morones' uncle Sean McMullen spoke at length with about his nephew. 

Troy watched the games and was impressed, not just by the Morones kid, but also by the entire DeSales team that was there. They seemed to be very athletic and liked to get up and down the court with a lot of chemistry.

The junior Morones was "As Advertised" when it came to his quickmess (now Drew Lavender, the Oklahoma Freshman is my boy and I love him to death, but this kid is quick too….his first step is a daisy!) He stands about 6 ft tall and 180lbs with an athletic build, the kid is definitely in shape. He sees the court well, can pass on the run and loves to drive the lane. To top it all off the kid is a "lefty"! His Uncle and the other kids all said he could score.

But what I was most impressed by was his "D". It's not too often I see guards shutting down other players in a "pick-up" game scenario. But he was so pesky that they had to run picks and double picks, continuously just to get their shooter open! The funny thing is they didn't run picks on anybody else…..that's how I know he was getting to their players.

I won't say he's faster than Drew, but I will say he's very quick and has an advantage at the PG by being a pretty good left-handed shooter. It's obvious that he's been well coached, and he should be, his father was a 2nd Team All American at UK.

Another showstopper was a freshman kid named Elijah Allen. Now, he's a player! He can shoot and likes to get up the court in a hurry, which plays well into Morones' game and he can throw the ball down with authority. Clark Kellogg's son was there too and he's got some size to him, 6'4 and about 200lbs. He seemed a little uncomfortable when handling the ball out on the perimeter, but was really aggressive and strong going to the hole.

Delaware didn't look bad either, they've got a kid named Basznayak or something like that, who's BIG, around 6'10 or something, and some pretty good guards who can shoot the three. It was great high school basketball action in the fall. If you have a story about the open gym competition in your area, please let know.

Thanks again to Troy and Sean for their contributions to this story.

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