Well now were at Division III, look at what I came up with for my picks. This will be the hardest Division to win in 2003.

Well I have taken a look at DI and DII, now the one that is going to be the hardest one to pick. DIII playoff football is going to be something special in 2003. Who should I pick? With so many great teams I really don't know, but here we go.

GAME I WOULD PAY TO SEE: This was a hard one to pick. At first I thought about Canal Fulton NW & Rayland Buckeye Local, but then I saw Bellbrook & Valley View. If I had to spend my money, I would head to Bellbrook's David L. Homes Stadium, for a chance of viewing the Spartans battle the only teams to hang an L on them in 2003.

In week 9 the Golden Eagles defeated Valley View 21 - 0. After losing the first game of the 2003 season to Miamisburg, they rolled off 9 straight wins with the biggest being against the Spartans. They head into the playoffs having scored 303 points, with an average of 30 points per game. Put a defense on the field that has only given up 12.8 points a game, and you see why the Golden Eagles look prime for a run towards a title.

The Spartans were moving right along in the first 8 games, scoring 407 points while giving up only 48. Then in week nine the Spartans couldn't get their high power offense on the board, losing 21 - 0 at Bellbrook. One thing coaches tell you is this: I rather not play a team a second time, if we beat them the first time around. That will be the cry of the Spartans. They can look at the previous game and say it was a fluke, or just not our night. But getting a big L hung on you leaves a lasting memory. I look for the pride and tradition of Spartan Football, to show up big by posting a victory on the road and advance to the next round of the playoffs. Winner : Valley View


With Cleveland Benedictine in this bracket, one needs to look no father. You can look at the other brackets for who will play Benedictine, but with the type of teams they have played in 2003 leaves me to feel they are ready for advancement in this region.

Dave's pick to advance: Cleveland Benedictine         Dave's surprise team: Mentor Lake Catholic


This is a great bracket, Big Walnut, Bellevue, Kenton, St. Francis De Sales and Watterson make this one you should toss a coin. While Kenton has experience, they don't have Mauk. De Sales has played in some big games, and Watterson knows what being a champions all about. Like I said, toss a coin and you could be right.

Dave's pick to advance: St. Francis De Sales         Dave's surprise team: Kenton


While this region doesn't have the number of great teams that 10 holds, you could see some great match-ups in the second round. Steubenville and Dover have caught my eye. I have a strong feeling that one of these two teams advance. But don't overlook Lisbon Beaver or Canal Fulton NW.

Dave's pick to advance: Dover                Dave's surprise team: Canal Fulton NW


Region 12 is just like Region 10. Many great teams who could go all the way. Kettering Alter, Chaminade-Julienne, Bellbrook, Newark Licking Valley and our pay to see teams could win it all. But when breaking down this region I keep seeing one team that really sticks out. Kettering Alter is coming off a big win over CJ, the two teams could meet again in the second round. If that happens then I would have to take another look at my pick, but when looking at the CJ, Newark Licking game I see where the defending DII state champion could be knocked out of the playoffs in round one. Now for my picks.

Dave's pick to advance: Kettering Alter        Dave's surprise team: Wyoming

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