Interview with Ohio QB

A kid we told you about a while ago was Olmsted Falls QB Mickey Mental. Mental is one of Ohio's most underrated players. We recently caught up with him to see what his thoughts on last season were and what his plans are for the future.

Mickey Mental came into the season with some big goals.  Some of them were reached, while others were not.  The 6 foot QB from Olmsted Falls put up great individual numbers, but the team had its up's & down's.  The team went 6-4 in the regular season, narrowly qualifying for playoffs.  Their reward for making playoffs -- you get to travel to Macedonia to face the Knights of Nordonia.  The Bulldogs of OF were defated that night 45-20, mostly thanks to some outstanding running from Freshman RB Jordan Mabin of Nordonia.  So the season ends for Mental and his teammates.  What does he think about the season?  What's next for him?  Read on to see.


What is your assessment of the season? 

"I thought we played well at times, and had some difficulty at other times."

What goals did you achieve?

"I broke almost every passing record and we made the playoffs."

What goals were not achieved?

"We didn't host a home playoff game."

Which game was your favorite and why?

"Amherst, because i threw for 225 yards, 5 Tds and we had to win if we wanted any shot to get into the playoffs."

What do you think your season has done for you as far as recruiting goes?

"I think it has shown that I can both run and throw from the QB position."

What are your plans for football in the future?

"To play QB at a Division Ia or Iaa school."

What about the rest of this year?

"Basketball and baseball."

What schools are contacting you the most?

"Youngstown State, Kent State, and Ohio University."

Are you planning on taking any visits as of now?

"Yes, to Youngstown State."

Mickey's Stats from this year:

Passing Rushing
147 Completions 150 Carries
241 Attempts 707 Yards
2135 Yards 10 TDs
18 TDs/5 INTs


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