See who I feel will advance in DIII for a chance to win a championship.

Well all year we have told many that DIII would be the hardest one to win. With the final four were looking at, we feel that our thoughts were right and will take a little credit for it. What more could you ask for in a Final Four. The four teams have a total of 5 games lost, and are considered some of the best in their areas.

The surprise team making the final four is Newark Licking Valley. While not many would have picked this team to advance, they have beat three teams that were favorites to win it all. By knocking off Dayton Chaminade-Julienne, Kettering Alter and Germantown Valley View, NLV has the state taking notice and giving much praise. Will they have enough power to beat a defending state champion? Well that's why they play the game.

In facing Kenton another team few gave a chance to making it this far, NLV could see its string of tough games end and miss its goal of advancing to a finals. The Cardiac kids are looking at another big test and could see another nail bitter by the time the fourth quarter comes around.

Kenton has proved they can still play football in 2003AB (after Ben), they have not had the tough test that NLV has seen during the playoffs and should be rested and ready when the whistle blows and the pads start hitting.

While I love the story about NLV, I feel that Kenton having won past state titles is more prepared to advance and will. Winner: Kenton

In the other DIII game you have two powers ready to battle. Steubenville comes into the game with a 16-0 mark and are looking to stop one of the best backs in the state. If they can shut down the running game they have a chance. If they can't stop Ray Williams, then they will head home and see the 2003 season end.

Cleveland Benedictine is ready for a title. They have the talent and will accept nothing else but a trip to the finals. In playing one of the states all-time great programs they can make a statement and be the team to beat in the finals.

Steubenville is not going to roll over and Benedictine will become the biggest test on the season. This is a hard one to pick, but my mind is telling me to pick Benedictine to head into the final. Winner Benedictine

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