Moe's Minis and OhioPrepScene.com will award one of these to a MVP for each championship game in 2003. To learn more about Moe's Minis click on the link to the left.


In just a few weeks OhioPrepScene.com turns 1 years old. Because of this, OPS and Moe's Minis have partnered up and designed 6 special one-of-a-kind helmets to present to the players that Football Director Craig Schwiedterman and NE Ohio Reporter Matt Polkovitch feel was the games MVP.

Each helmet is different. Three helmets are in Gold with a Gold facemask, the Division I, Division III and Division V MVP's will receive one of these helmets. Each one of these helmets has a logo of the state with the words Game MVP and what division they were the MVP in. Also each helmet has a little logo that says OhioPrepScene.

For Division II, IV and VI the helmets are Silver with a Gold facemask and also have the same logo with the same lettering.

Each helmet will be presented after the game and a photo will be taken. The helmets come with a Deluxe Mini Display Box to store these one-of-a-kind helmet's in.

Moe's Minis and OhioPrepScene.com are proud to have these special awards to present to a special player in each championship game.

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