Sometimes we don't take the time to say Thanks. Being Thanksgiving I wanted to thank some people for who without OPS would not be.

In talking with all of the staff of, we have several people to give thanks.. First Ozie, Ervin and myself want to thank the women who stand beside us and allow us to follow Ohio High School sports and spend the time on the phone and at games and not always with them.

I want to thank Ozie for all of his wisdom, friendship and help during the past 10 months. With your help this dream of helping the youth of Ohio is growing faster than I could ever imagine. I also want to thank your wife for allowing you the time in your busy day to help make this grow.

I also want to thank Ervin Mitchell for all the help in getting soccer off the ground. The amount of time you have given of yourself I can't say thanks enough. Please keep the energy you have brought to OPS going, each of us enjoy having you as part of our team.

I also want to thank Craig Schwieterman for bringing a great talent and for being with OPS from the very start. Keep up the great work.

To Rob Taylor, who has been a key person in covering Ohio's top youth players, Thank you! Matt Polkovitch I want to welcome you again to the site and the whole staff looks forward to the work and energy you will bring to the site.

To Dave Thomas, thanks for all your help with all the Wayne games in 2003. The kids and many fans of the Warriors enjoyed the games and the effort you gave in doing them. I look forward to 2004 and another great season of Warrior Football. Also to the sponsors who support the dream of getting the Wayne games broadcasted.

To all the people who are just coming aboard and writing for the site. I'm looking for year 2 to be 100% bigger and better. I wish the time permitted me to name each and every one of you. You know who you are and Thanks.

To all the college coaches who have helped some of the kids we have profiled during the past year. This is why we do this site and without your help the kids would lose.

To my friends at the Blue & Gold News, thanks for the advice and allowing me the chance to learn from you. Let alone being able to call you friends. Lets Go Mountaineers!!!!

To The, thanks for letting OPS have a life. Our goals are to help the youth of Ohio and your tool is a great one. Bryan Knoll, thanks for allowing me the chance to bug you about computers and the little stuff I'm learning. Without your help I would have been lost.

If I forgot someone I'm sorry.

Last but not least, the kids and families that have allowed us to be involved in the recruiting process and in getting your information out to the world to see. Without your help we would not be as strong of a site.

And most of all, the entire staff wants to give thanks to you, the readers of  Without you as readers the site would be dead.  We thank you for the chance to bring you stories and information from around the Buckeye state.  Always remember this is a fan site, if you have a story you wrote and are looking for a home is here for you.

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