I name the Best of the Best for Southwest Ohio Division One for Defense.

The results are in for the OPS Division I Southwest Ohio Best of the Best Defense.

Defensive Line: (TIE) Nick Davis - Cincinnati Colerain: While I don't like to have ties, this position gave me no choice. In watching this beast tear up many teams during the season, Davis made an impression on Ozie and myself.

David Day - Huber Heights Wayne: All David Day did was make plays each and every week. With all the hype going to Marcus Freeman, David just packed his lunch and fought some of the best OL each and every week.

Linebacker: Marcus Freeman - Huber Heights Wayne: This was the fastest pick I made, but not the easiest one. Ohio is known for its great line backing play, and Southwest Ohio had its share of great ones. As most of you know, I have seen Marcus develop during his high school days. Not only is Marcus one of the best football players I have ever seen, he's got even more upside at the next level. Marcus performed each week while also seeing time on the offensive side of the ball. Others who showed great play were Clayton Mullins of Fairborn and Ryan Lukens of Cincinnati Moeller.

Defensive Back: Brandon Wamsley - Phil Poetter - Cincinnati Anderson: That's right, two players from the same team. Each time I saw these guys play they would knock wide receivers silly. While Brandon has the size and skill to play at the DI level, Phil is going to come up short. But keep an eye out because this kid is going to find someplace to play and do well. This was also a hard position to name with great play from junior Adam Myers-White of Hamilton, Scott Chillinsky of Centerville and Brandon Underwood of Hamilton.

Punter: Andy Hildreth - Clayton Northmont: Andy had a great year for the T-Bolt's. Keep an eye out for Andy at the next level. He has the skill to earn a scholarship at the college level. The only problem is most schools make kickers walk on before they get one.

We know we left some players off from this list.  But we only name one or two per position and these were the players I felt deserved the honors.


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