Makes Verbal Commitment

Cloverleaf High School linemen makes verbal commitment.

Ohio has produced some top notch offensive linemen. While some have higher profiles, many are working class linemen who head off to college and become top-notch pro prospects. One such linemen has made him verbal commitment as to what college he's going to receive his education plus work on his skills.

Many have not heard of Joel Belding, but several colleges have and came a calling for his services at the next level. This weekend Joel made a verbal commitment to Northwestern and Coach Randy Walker. Coach Walker knows about Ohio linemen, as he's a Ohio native and had coached in the MAC at Miami of Ohio before heading to Northwestern.

Joel brings the Wildcats a great body to mold into a top linemen. Joel has the size ready to compete when he arrives on campus. With a 5.18 40, and great upper body strength Joel may have been under the recruiting radar, but has the chance to become one of the top in this class when all is said and done.


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