I had the chance to speak ONE-ON-ONE with Elder Panther Bradley Glatthaar.


BRADLEY receives his MVP Helmet for being the DI Championship Game MVP.

One player that I have been high on during the past two years is Bradley Glatthaar of Cincinnati Elder High School. Much has been written on message boards about this young man and his recruiting. I spoke with Bradley today and got the who, what's and why's about his recruiting.

OPS: Bradley, first congrats on another state title and a great season. I hope you enjoy the MVP award you received from OPS for being the Division I Championship Game MVP.

Bradley: Yes sir, thank you for naming me the MVP, the helmet is real neat.

OPS: Much has been talked about you without you saying much about your recruiting. We would like to put an end to the silence.

Bradley: That would be great, thank you.

OPS: Lets start with, what schools have been in contact with you?

Bradley: Cincinnati, Ohio State, West Virginia, Louisville, Indiana and Ohio University.

OPS: Have any of these programs made offers?

Bradley: Cincinnati told me they were going to offer, then Coach Minter was fired and I haven't heard from them. The others have all told me they were going to offer, but none have at this time.

OPS: Have any of them talked about a time table with the offer?

Bradley: Each have talked about taking an offical visit during January. Ohio State and West Virginia said they would be in contact with me later this week. I should know something on Thursday or Friday from them.

OPS: Out of these schools, do you have a favorite?

Bradley: No, I don't have a favorite. I want the best school for my education and my future.

OPS: What are you looking for in a school?

Bradley: I'm looking at the coaches and the type of offense they run. Plus the education, I want to receive my degree.

OPS: Are these schools looking at you as a running back or moving you to another position?

Bradley: Each has said they are looking at me as a running back. None of them have talked about a position change with me.

OPS: Do you have a favorite player?

Bradley: Eddie George is my favorite player. I like his running style.

OPS: You said you would look at the offense, what type of offense are you looking for?

Bradley: I'm looking at a ball control offense, like we run at Elder.

OPS: Did you go to summer camps?

Bradley: No, I didn't get the chance to. I couldn't get them in line with my families vacation and other commitments I had this summer.

OPS: What do you feel are your strengths and weakness as a player?

Bradley: I feel my patience and physical strength are my strong points. My weakness is quickness at the start of the play. I need to work on hitting the hole faster.

OPS: What do you want people to know about Bradley Glatthaar?

Bradley: I want them to know I can play running back at the next level. All I need is a chance to prove myself.

OPS: In an article this past August, I wrote about your grades not being were they needed to be. How are they now?

Bradley: My grades were poor during my freshman and sophomore years. When I learned I needed to have them higher I work real hard and got them in order. So my grades are not a problem at this time.

OPS: Have you taken your test?

Bradley: Yes I have one score in the books, and have retaken the test. I don't have the score back from that one.

OPS: Some have talked about your foot speed, while I have never seen you caught from behind what is your 40 time.

Bradley: The last time I had a 40 time taken was before my junior year. It was a 4.7, but I know I'm faster than what that time showed. I have worked hard on be a better player and I know I'm faster than that time.

OPS: Thanks for taking the time Bradley in talking with us, contact Ozie or myself with any news that may happen.

Bradley: Thank you and I will.

OPS NOTES: As many of you know, I have seen Bradley play several times and feel he can play at the next level. Bradley is a power back with great size and he has enough speed to play at the next level. The player he reminds me most of, is a bigger version of Avon Cobourne who played at West Virginia University. Avon was only 5'8 and 205 lbs. while Bradley is 6'0 200 lbs. Avon like Bradley had the same knock, not enough speed, that didn't stop Avon from finishing as West Virginia's all time leading rusher and also the Big East's all time leading rusher. Avon had great vision and the willingness to allow his offensive linemen to open holes and get positive yardage. Bradley runs in the same fashion at the high school level. He's a between the tackles runner and has played against some of the best teams in Ohio and the country over the past two seasons. Bradley is a 2000 yards plus rusher in both his junior and senior years and has a winning attitude. He's played for Cincinnati Elder High School, they have won the Division I State Title in back to back years. He's also a very polite young man. Stay with OPS for more information about Bradley and his recruiting.

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