Evan responds to a recent Insiders.com Hot News about himself and sets the record straight.

A few weeks ago, The University of Cincinnati fired its football coach. That very same day I heard from several of the players and parents who had given verbal commitments to Coach Minter and his staff. There questions were many, and ranged from, is the offer was still good, and, was recruiting starting again.

One of the parents I spoke with was John Spanogians. John is the father of Evan Spanogians, who became a fast rising, under the radar recruit, during the spring and summer of 2003. On May 10th, of 2003, we did a story on Evan titled "Look At Up & Rising OL" that was the first look at a player we felt was getting very little interest from Recruiting experts in Ohio or those who report about the happenings around recruiting. Since then OhioPrepScene.com has written 6 more stories about Evan. Included was a story on Evan's verbal to the University of Cincinnati on September 8th.

During the recruiting process, I had the chance to learn more about the Spanogians family, and had no problem in speaking with Evan's father when word came down about Coach Minter's firing. He, like most parents had many questions about what should they expect next from UC. I informed Mr. Spanogians, don't worry, the verbal was with the school and not the coach. You should hear from UC within the next 24-48 hours and things would be fine.

I also told him, don't be surprised if other colleges start calling. College Football is competitive and the coaches who missed on Evan the first time, will be calling. Right after that conversation, several college programs made contact about Evan's verbal, and his commitment with UC.

During our conversations, I found that Evan had a great commitment towards UC, and not one of re-opening his recruiting. He, like many UC fan's, wanted to know who the new coach would be, and what the future would hold for the program he was getting ready to join.

During our talks, I advised Mr. Spanogians to not re-open Evan's recruiting, until a new coach was named and he felt Evan wasn't a good fit in the new system. Here are my reasons for not re-opening.


The process of recruiting has changed during the years. The rise of Internet sites has been a blessing to all hard core recruiting junkies and football fans alive. OhioPrepScene.com would never have been born, without the people who had big dreams, and started sites like TheInsiders.com. The biggest problem we have (as recruiting reporters) is this, we deal with kid's.

Kid's between the ages of 16 -19. As fan's, we want to know what makes them tick, what schools they like and so on. As fan's, we can't get enough information, or get it fast enough. As fan's, we want to be part of the second biggest choice in their young adult lives. ( The biggest being who they will marry ) Kid's who are just learning how to speak with the media. Kid's who aren't always the best at getting their point across and can be misquoted. Kid's!!!

On many occasions, I have asked a player the same question a second time, and repeated what he said. This way to make sure were both on the same page and I don't write something he didn't mean to say.

The reason I'm going through this is because of the following story on TheInsiders.com, Hot News section.


It involves UC recruit Evan Spanogians. Today I received an E-mail from Evan, and spoke with his father about this E-mail tonight.

On Saturday night, Insiders.com Midwest Recruiting Analyst, Chris Pool spoke with Evan about his commitment to UC. In the Hot News published by Chris "LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME" Chris quotes Evan as saying "I'm basically starting all over again," also "With Coach (Rick) Minter getting fired at Cincinnati, I'm back at square one."

Today I received the following E-mail from Evan, and he asked for it to be published.

Mr. Berk,

In regard to the article written by Chris Pool and posted in the December 29, 2003 OhioPrepScene.com Football Hot News, along with several other sites. I have a few key points that he left out.

I am still fully committed to the University of Cincinnati.

However, I'm gathering information on other possible schools. With the coaching change that took place, I felt I needed to at least open up the communication lines with other schools. To be honest, I was a little shocked when I heard the news that Coach Minter was let go.

I haven't yet been in contact with Coach Dantonio, as he is in Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. He called when I was not at home and spoke with my mother. I have heard nothing but good things about him and look forward to getting the chance to meet him soon.

In regard to the other schools, yes I am gathering information and am in contact with a number of other coaches. I have not set any dates for official visits, nor have I given any hint of a commitment to another school. The majority of what Mr. Pool reported is wholly accurate, but I want it to be known that I am still very committed to UC.


Evan Spanogians


I published this E-mail from Evan and also want to explain that in my opinion, Chris Pool published what he felt Evan was telling him. Remember, as I stated above. Sometimes what a young person tells us, doesn't come out the way they think it did.

During the year of working with Chris Pool, I have found him to have great insight in Midwest Recruiting. Chris is based in Illinois, and has been a recruiting analyst and scout since 1995. He's been part of TheInsiders.com since 1998. In no way, do I feel Chris meant any harm with what he reported. Just as I feel Evan didn't mean any harm to Chris with the information given. 

I want to thank Evan, and his father John for trusting OhioPrepScene.com in sorting this out and allowing OPS the chance for setting the record straight with Evan's recruiting. If any news comes out about Evan, keep an eye on OhioPrepScene.com and TheInsiders.com for the latest information.

**NOTE** During my conversation with Mr. Spanogians, he informed me that since Evan's commitment with UC, he's not received any written offers from any schools.


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