Instead of Big 10 the Big O will be headed to the SEC.

Many felt the recruiting of Clayton Northmont star defensive end Nii Adjei Oninku ended with his verbal to Michigan State. We were wrong, or were we.

In a turn of events, the Spartans pulled the offer off the table after getting his verbal. It seems the Spartans staff had offered Nii Adjei during the summer, along with Kansas State, Louisville, Pittsburgh , Kentucky and Iowa.

Nii Adjei then took an offical visit to the East Lansing campus and gave the Spartans his verbal commitment. But as Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast my friend" It seems that Spartans head coach John L. Smith had a different plan. Smith was out of town and doing work for the Spartans trip to the Alamo Bowl during the visit.  When he returned he informed Oninku that the offer had been pulled and the Spartans would be taking two JUCO players at his position instead of him.

The problem for Nii Adjei was that when he called both Pittsburgh and Iowa, he was informed they had filled his offer with other recruits.

While we often see players changing their commitments, its very rare to see a school pull a stunt like this. This should have recruits taking notice into the practices of the Spartans recruiting and open several high school athletes eyes about opening their recruitment.

***OPS NOTES*** Until you sign your letter of intent, any school that has made you an offer can pull the offer for any reason. Even if you gave them a verbal commitment, and they said yes. ***

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