We have been asked by many parents to help them with the recruiting process. OPS will be holding a Recruiting Seminar for Football Student Athletes in February. DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND IN THE RECRUITING PROCESS!!!!

OhioPrepScene.com Football Recruiting Seminar



6:00 P.M.

COST: $35.00 PER STUDENT ATHLETE - If more than one student athlete from same family $10.00 more for each one.

TEAM DISCOUNTS ARE AVIALIBLE: E-Mail Dave Berk at OhioPrepScene@woh.rr.com 



WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Any parent and football student athlete that is currently a freshman, sophomore or junior.

OhioPrepScene.com is proud to help student athletes in Ohio. Our goal has always been to expose Ohio Prep Sports and its youth worldwide. One of the biggest areas that we cover, is football recruiting. Not just who is going where, but in helping parents understand the recruiting process & how they can help their son during the process and get the most from it.

Come receive answers to the questions were asked most about the Football Recruiting Process.

Its been our experience, that many parents become lost and confused about how the recruiting process works, and how they can help their child receive, scholarship money from football talent. While many hear about the Big Name Recruits, many of Ohio's football playing student athletes miss out on scholarship or other aid each year. Learn how to put your son in place to reduce the cost of his higher education.

Dave Berk is the host for this event. Dave and his family learned first hand about the recruiting process. Dave's brother is a current college student-athlete, and Dave learned and helped his family with the recruiting process.

Since starting OhioPrepScene.com, Dave has learned that many families are not informed about the who, what, where and when during the recruiting process. He brings this experience, plus the experience of helping several families over the past years during the process. Dave will provide you with a guideline for the recruiting process.


When does the recruiting process really start?

How do I know that my son is a possible recruit?

What does my son need in terms of academics?

What part should my son's high school coach play during recruiting?

Are camps really important, or just a way for colleges to make money?

What does my son need to be considered a possible prospect.

The NCAA, what you really need to know.

When should my son take the SAT or ACT?

What are the odds of my son getting a football scholarship?

If my son is good enough, colleges will find him!

What is a National Letter of Intent?

What does a scholarship consist of?

DI, DII, DIII and NAIA what's the difference?

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?


A Question and Answer session will also be held at the conclusion of the event.

The recruiting process is one that can confuse the best parent and even sometimes a high school coach. Learn for yourself, what you can do in making the recruiting process a better one for you son, and increase his chances of earning a college scholarship or other funding by trading in on his football talents.

We will also have guest speakers about the recruiting process to go along with the above information.

To register your son, please e-mail the following information.

Parents Name:

Student Name:


Phone Number:


High School:

Coach's Name:

Current school class: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior

To Ohio Prep Scene: E-Mail= OhioPrepScene@woh.rr.com


Make Money Order or Check out to Ohio Prep Scene and mail to the following address.

Ohio Prep Scene

1312 Camphill Way #1

West Carrollton, Ohio 45449

Don't miss this chance to get a head start on the recruiting process and learn what you can do in making it a more pleasant experience for your son and yourself. Please bring a note pad and pen, you will want to take notes on several subjects that are covered.

A fee of $25.00 will be added for any returned checks. You may also pay with credit card through PayPal.


If you have two student athletes in your family please select this payment button. The cost is $45.00.

OPS NOTES:  I received an E-mail from a family I have spoken with during the recruiting of their son.  I want to thank then for sharing their thoughts about what OPS was able to do for them during the recruiting process over the past year.  I felt it best to share this with you, with the recruiting seminar just 20 days away, I want to assure you that we try our best to help during the process.

Dear OPS & Dave Berk,

We want to personally thank Dave Berk for all the help he has given us in the past year, during the recruiting process, for our son Tommy.  Any questions that we had, and there were plenty, were answered immediately and honestly.  Through this process, Dave has taught us what red shirt, gray shirt, and what preferred walk on  mean.  He taught us the difference between NAIA and the NCAA and its divisions.  There is so much more we learned we could write a book!  Not only does Dave really know the recruiting process but he TRULY has the boys interest at heart.  OPS is having a seminar and we would HIGHLY recommend everyone to attend.  We are sure any and every question about recruiting will be answered.  We truly appreciate all the time and effort Dave has put into helping our son.  Thanks again to Dave and the staff at OPS!

Tom, Jill and Tommy Stockle

Macedonia Nordonia HS

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