Fred Davis makes his choice and will enjoy the sunny weather of Southern California.

The recruiting run has ended for one of the top remaining Ohio prep stars. Toledo Rogers graduate, Fred Davis told the Toledo Blade's Donald Emmons, The University of Southern California won the recruiting battle over his services.

Davis, one of Ohio's top athletes, is an early graduate and has headed off for California for college enrollment. USC along with Ohio State & Miami of Flordia were the three schools in the final running. This recruit, increases, what is considered one of the countries top recruiting classes this year.

In the Blade article, Davis is quoted with the following about his choice. "They let their freshmen play,'' said Davis, who has been in regular communication with Williams since visiting USC. "Mike Williams and I have talked and I like the fact that he and Matt take it all seriously. I'm going out there to take care of business.''

OPS wishes Fred the best of luck on the west coast, and hope he enjoys the warm and sunny weather.

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