OPS talks with Daryll Clark on Wednesday night, and Clark makes the call on Thursday when Joe Pa makes a visit.

On Wednesday night I spoke with Daryll Clark of Youngstown Ursuline High School. At the time I called I caught Daryll in a conversation with his father and promised I would keep him long. The talk start early in the day about if Daryll was going to visit West Virginia or maybe even another school this weekend. In the middle of the conversation I could tell the recruiting pressure was starting to reach another level for Daryll. Here is how our conversation went.

OPS: Daryll, are you still taking a visit to West Virginia this weekend?

DC: No, I don't think so, I may visit Cincinnati, but I'm not sure at this time.

OPS: Where do you feel your at in making a choice?

DC: Real close.

OPS: Did I catch you at a bad time?

DC: Kind of, I'm talking with my father right now.

OPS: Daryll, I won't keep you, how would you place the schools that are left?

DC: I'm going to commit with Penn State, but I may still go to UC this weekend.

OPS: Daryll, I won't keep you, good luck and thanks for the time.

DC: Thanks

As many know now, what seemed to be a quick response to Penn State, became a solid commitment on Thursday. In all of the conversations I had with Daryll, I knew he wanted to stay close to home. With that in mind, I felt that West Virginia and Penn State had the inside track for Daryll. But Toledo and Cincinnati were coming hard for him down the stretch. Now with Daryll as a commitment, Penn State doesn't have to worry about getting Anthony Morelli or not. Morelli, who is a Pittsburgh verbal, has shown interest in the Nittany Lions over the past week, if they steal Morelli from the Panthers, Daryll will be in a dog fight for a quarterback position from the start.

OPS wishes Daryll the best at the next level. I found Daryll to be a very nice young man and one who has some goals set for the next level.

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